Hi everyone,
A question about site speed. After checking my site speed I noticed the mobile speed on all the pages have a red dot and between 50 and the low 60's. All the pages on desktop have a green dot and in the 90's.
I'm using Smuch to optimize the image and a free theme offer in the WP dashboard.
Does anyone know why my mobile site speed is just okay and what can you do about it.
Could it be a not friendly mobile theme?

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ExpatMark Premium
Your theme should say it is "responsive".
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Scotty!

Good question and all questions are good ones here!

First of all, you're right about the theme -- it needs to be a mobile friendly one ... and:

Secondly, hopefully, you've remembered to turn on "Mobile Responsive Mode to ON" -- can be found in Account Settings...

and lastly, suggest check SitePlus in Site Manager > details > Site speed > accelerated or extreme ..

hope the above works out ok for you, if not, suggest, initiate a service request to awesome Site Support via the Help Center.

all the best, cheerio .... :)
Tmgreen Premium
A couple tips

1. Make sure your images are optimized
2. If your site has not been migrated to the new servers, contact site support to have it migrated. It made a world of difference for me.


scottyg11 Premium
Hi TM, is there any ways you can check to see if my site is on the new servers without contacting them? Thanks for your response.
Tmgreen Premium
You can check your PHP version. If you are using Updraft for backups, you can get it on the advanced settings page. Otherwise there is a plugin you can install called "Display PHP Version" that will display it in your WP Dashboard (you can remove it once you find out).

If you are on the new servers your PHP Version will be 7.2.10 Otherwise you'll get something like 5.x.x

Hope that helps.

scottyg11 Premium
Hi Michael, thanks for getting back to me. I think I am good. 7.20.1 php
Tmgreen Premium
Yes, looks like you're migrated.

Did you make any progress on your mobile problem?

I've noticed on my SAC site that if a post has YouTube videos it will score about 20-30 points lower than a page with no video. Then, of course, the more graphics the page has the lower it will score. Interestingly enough, my desktop score is always in the 90's as long as images are optimized, regardless of whether it has a video or not.