I've been working on website #2, but website #1 just got indexed. Probably becuase I spent 2 days working on website #1 before switching to make website #2. How do I forward the traffic from website #1 to site #2? And will webstie #1 continue to be indexed if I do this?

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Dale123 Premium
"indexing" alone doesn't mean getting traffic - it just means that Google noticed your site & listed it within its results. Your pages then have to move up through the listings to begin getting traffic. If you only spent 2 days working on the site, I wouldn't bother doing a redirect as it'll just cause more harm than good.
YumaBloggers Premium
You can redirect site 1 to site two if they are related but eventuallt site 1 will no longer be indexed or ranked because the content will no longer be visible from that site.
Hi Are both sites hosted by WA? If you so just go to websites and manage domains? Hope that helps, Phil