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I saw some domains search on google, there is a good structure with its pages and posts, but, in my website, I can't see such good structure when I put my domain on google and hit enter. I like to discuss, is there any experience about such techiques should we use to get such structure. you can get idea from following image of Wealthyaffiliate.com.

Hello, join this question, and give your comments and experience. That will better

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DeRaj Premium
That only happens if you write too many articles and if those many articles are interlinked with each other. Then Google will choose top articles with the most traffic, most comments, and with most referred internal links. As well as, Google will also choose the most search pages within your website which can be About Us Page, Contact Us page, and so on. So, it takes at least 1 year to get such a structure and that is also if your website have too many articles, at least more than 500+ pages. Sometimes Google also chooses such articles randomly but only if your website has more than 500+ pages and if your website is more than 1 year old. I didn't do anything to get such a structure but now my both websites have got such structure.

I find out that you always keep on searching what other websites have and want to achieve those. But, the answers to your all queries, including previous ones, the only thing that is missing on your website is the quantity of the contents. So, set a new goal and reach 500+ pages as soon as possible by targeting new keywords. Write new contents. Then you will solve your all problems.

Good Luck!
Joezout Premium
Sam depends upon the type of website, our websites are primarily straight affiliate related. So the structure you show above is not required, you write a good post, an informative post and direct your consumer to the product they are interested in, and that type of website the above structure is totally unnecessary. Obviously you are attempting something totally different, something not covered in our lesson plan, for that I hope the owners of answers your question.

AmazeCPS Premium
Yes, sure, I appreciate your comment. Thanks for your participation
PKraenzel Premium
Hi! is there a training to explain this?
Triblu Premium
Hey Sam,

The links shown in your screen print above are known as Google Sitelinks.

Will send you a private message to a post explaining how you can gain these over time.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks you so much for your help.