Hello, me again :-),

At the start of my website, I always got messages from WA when a post got indexed, but I must have unchecked something, because I don't get these anymore?
How can I otherwise (easily) check if a post got indexed or not?

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ParthaB Premium
Hey Lizzy,

I totally agree with Diane.

The WA emails are more specifically aimed at absolute beginners who have no experience of blogging.

So, it's nice to receive the email, as a way to confirm that "you're heading in the right direction".

However, in truth they're not a reliable indication.

A lot of the "little wins" that WA provides via the platform are aimed at people very new to this.

Therefore, I wouldn't put you in that category.

You have a site(s) that has gained traction, receives traffic, etc.

I know for a fact that an article I have written has received traffic, and even sales, and then the following day I receive a WA email to "confirm" I've been indexed.

It's a bit hard to get (organic) traffic and sales if I hadn't already been indexed, LOL.

I'm not saying the system of emails is a bad thing, but as I say it's more aimed at someone who's very new (it can give someone a huge boost in confidence).

You can use the method mentioned by Diane and this will show what articles have been indexed.

In reality, once your site is a few months old, you will automatically be indexed anyway.

How quickly will depend on the amount of content you have and your regularity of posting.

So, as an example if you have 200+ articles on a site and post every single day, it's highly likely you'll be indexed on the same day.

Sometimes this may even be within minutes (or even seconds) of publishing.

The only time I would ever worry about "indexing" is if I've written a time-sensitive post, e.g. a product review that has a discount for the next 24 hours.

I'd simply hop over to Googe Search Console as soon as I was published and request indexing.

Does that make sense?

But as I say, once you're site has been going a while, indexing will automatically happen anyway.

Lizken Premium
That makes a lot of sense! Wow, thanks again for taking the time to write all this! So I wouldn't need to worry about every single new post getting indexed or not, loud and clear, thanks!
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may input in Google site:[domain]dotcom - replaced with yours.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I don't think it's a very reliable system through WA. You can check yourself by typing in Google as follows -

site:mydomain.com (obviously replacing my domain with that of your own).
Lizken Premium
thanks, so for all the posts, I just put the complete link of each one?