Using AIOSEO, at the bottom of my web post there is the 'Advanced' option that lets me add 'Additional Keywords'

How many additional keywords should I be adding here, and what sort of keywords should I add to it.

Please no links on how to find keywords or the AIOSEO tour (cos it doesnt tell you). It's the advanced SEO keywords I need to know about.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Kevin,

You may find the following tutorial most helpful: Hope this helps you.
PhilJones Premium Plus
It is my experience that 1 keyword per page works well.
I would not use more than 5, even though some people
use upwards of 15.
Just remember that all the key words must flow on the
page and make sense.
Kinds of key words should pertain to your subject matter.
Example: If your subject matter is about Race Cars don't
put in keywords about Makeup.
Hope this helps a little bit.