I've seen these niche sites promoting one single product and they have very little content, yet manages to rank page 1 on all their pages and stay there without adding anything new.

One site for example (letsmakemoneydropshipping.com) has 1 main page promoting a drop shipping software called "Pricematik" and 5 other pages explaining how to do drop shipping.

All his pages are ranked on page 1.The first time I came upon his site was last June and he had the same 6 pages. He hasn't published anything new in almost a year now.

According to the training taught at WA you should publish consistently 3 times a week, and not leave a big gap between publishing content. He's doing none of the things taught here and still ranks page 1 on all his content!

If I wrote only 6 pages then be done, I'd never get anywhere near page 1, let alone stay there for almost a year. How is he doing this?

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neilrc Premium
Because there are internet marketers who cheat by building tons of backlinks.

Google was meant to scrap this "black hat" strategy a long time ago, but it seems that Google is still letting some folks get away with it, and worst of all, ranking them at the top!
newmarketpro Premium
What keyword search you used that you get the site on page 1 for ALL the 6 pages?


I tried all those and the site is not there.

If you type the exact site name, maybe.


jared247 Premium
Good question. I tried "make money dropshipping" and it was at the bottom of page 3.
Kyoko817 Premium
The site may have a serious amount of backlinking. It is one of the methods many marketers use to get a high rank in SEPR.
BenjisDad Premium Plus
In one word. Backlinking. There is on page SEO and off page SEO.

They likely have stuff boosting then up the rankings. Could be legit, could not be.

WA doesn't teach much about backlinking. And from.whatbi vantell the main reason for the is that the strategies to backlink correctly are insanely arduous. AND can easily cores over to the gray hat method of ranking sites in Google.

If you build great content and allow backlins to occur naturally eventually you can outrank sites like the one you are seeing.

The method WA teaches takes longer to rank, but will be more sustainable over time. Not just months, but years into the future.

WA is 100% white hat. This this will insulate us from Google updates that can plummet sites in a single night.
Jason60080 Premium
Hi. they have more than likely done extensive link building to keep the site ranking so high.