I built a Wordpress Website (not here, but I will be building additional one's soon) I added a Blog. Now I am Stuck in the OK how do I get my site and Blog out there so people can see it, I have done my usual and tried to learn everything myself, but I feel im just fumbling around in a sea of, what do I do stuff!!
I have added Keywords, I have a good SEO plugin, but my site is just sitting there near the top of the google search, but just its website name. how do I get a headline, and content on the search heading that links to my site/blog, does that come with a Landing Page ? here I go again trying to figure stuff out all by myself when all I need is your HELP :) . Please

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von301ne Premium
Dmorrow . Yes it sure is a process. I tend to want to jump ahead and get impatient with myself, as I really want to be successful in this new industry I have chosen, I have self taught myself so much and now having built my wordpress site and Blog feel as if I am at a wall . Thanks
Dmorrow Premium
Take a deep breath! You will do this and I'm pretty sure you're going to be successful.
Dmorrow Premium
Hi Yvonne. I see that you already had a good bit of knowledge when you joined. Even though some of it may be a bit redundant to you , the classes for certification or for bootcamp will guide you through how to get there. Kyle will guide you through the basics of building a site, but then he will take you through how to find keywords that will rank high in search engines, creating and sharing on social media, etc. Once you get your posts out in social media and start ranking on page one in searches, people will start coming to your page and everything will begin to flow for you. It is a process and it does take some time for it to happen. Hope that helps!