I need some tips on how to improve my SEO. At the moment, I'm on a score of 88/100. I am aware above 70 is a good score but I wanna aim for all limits here :)

Its saying I need to improve on my...
1. Some Javascript files don't seem to be minified.
2. Some CSS files don't seem to be minified.
3. Your page makes 36 requests. More than 20 requests can result in slow page loading.
4. Plugins from your website are publicly visible. (2)
5. Anyone can see that you are using the theme.

Any tips on what I can do to improve my score would be great! Thank you x

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feigner Premium
you may need to roll with it...
somethings you can do something about...but others you have very little control over...
make sure you are using the minimum amount of plugins - try to combine functions as much as possible...
you may spend an awful lot of time getting your sitespeed improved and end up no faster than at present....
you really are better off creating more content...
it may be worth adding in async- hjavascript and autoptimize plugins to defer bits of your site if it can...but any further than that will need personal attention of your individula site and take time....
so work on it in the background to improve it bit by bit
keep images small - type 50kb for images in posts
75kb for featured images
low number of elements you don't control - ads
low number of plugins
fast theme - low coding ooverhead -astra or generatepress
good luck
Dale123 Premium Plus
Yep, as mentioned - you're already smashing your score, I think your efforts would definitely be better concentrated on your content creation :)
AbieAJ Premium Plus
A very good score is between 60 and 80. For best results, you should aim for 70 and above.. These are just guidelines, however it should not replace quality content however both can be achieved.
philmedia Premium Plus
That's a great score, I would move on and write more content... beware of the perfection trap... !
feigner Premium
sometimes you have to roll with it....
with wordpress and plugins you don't have that much control
if they use the same calls then thay all take time
spend your time creating content rather than chasing something that you will spend ages trying to get a small percentage increase
or reduce the number of plugins or combine the functions of some...
get a better theme - lower overhead
ttry out async- javascript and autoptimize to improve the speed.
good luck