I'm wondering if there is a reason for this, or if this is something I need to wait out.

I posted an article about a month or so ago. Keywords on Jaaxy show a QSR at 12 and SEO at 94. Thats pretty sweet, no? The page, up to this point, doesn't show up in google anywhere in the first 30+ pages. Not sure it ranks at all.

That wouldn't really bother me so much being that my site is just over a month old. I understand new sites have to wait a bit. But here's the thing. I wrote another article 2 weeks ago, with a QSR at 96 (pretty high) and that page has been bouncing between pages 4 and 5 since 1 day after I posted it. ?!

I really thought my first post was going to rank, and had very little faith in the second post ranking, even in the top 20. Its a swagbucks review, and there's millions of those!

Whats going on? Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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SelvieRoos Premium
Hi. Wish I knew more about SEO rankings to help, but I did see a very interesting post from ChrisGooden earlier. This is the link. hope it helps.
AngelaHall Premium
Did you check to make sure the page was indexed? And even though there is low competition, doesn't always mean there are a lot of people searching for that term.
But try not to stress over it - it's the Google dance :)
The first one may jump to page one later and the second one could drop to page 10 tomorrow.
BigMook Premium
Thank you Angela. Yes the page is indexed.The traffic on jaaxy shows 85. I'll just hang around a bit more and see what happens. Thanks again :)