Hello, how do I get a higher aioseo when I am writing my blogs?

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feigner Premium
look at the general recommendations at the bottom...
but...for instance ...it may say you don't have hte full keyword in the url...and you know it is then ignore it...
just go with what is recommended here and it normally gives me a score of high 90's....
so links in and out, images, length of content, length of meta description, length of title and that should get you into the 80's...

what sort of scores are you getting....
QuitaPike Premium
I just figured out what internal links was. That helped make my score into the 90's . Thank you for responding.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

A very good score is between 60 and 80. For best results, you should aim for 70 and above.. These are just guidelines, however it should not replace quality content however both can be achieved. It gives you a more in-depth analysis into your optimization efforts

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