I have asked for help in the WA community on this and tried every
plugin for Social Media I could find. When I add the Social Media
Plugins to my websites the Site Health shows my Site Speed Reduced
to 70% and I really want these on my website but do not want
to affect the Site Speed - how can I fix this to work?

Also, I had to take my WP Contact Form off all the websites as well
between the two plugins my Site Speed was going to 30%.

Please can you help me fix this probelm so I can have the contact
form and my Social Media Buttons on my Websites?

I have at this time on the sites All In One SEO, Classic Editor, EWWW,
Google Sitemaps, and TablePress (this is a must for images and
descriptions on my dog sites).

Thank you so much.


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Triblu Premium
Hey Susan,

Your question did not go to Carson in a private message. Instead, you have selected an option that posted your question within a classroom.

For your issue here, I recommend that you select "Report Content" so that you are offered a blank textbox that will be clearly labeled "Contact Kyle or Carson" and this way your message will be delivered to Carson in a private message.

Hope you find this helpful.
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you, I was not sure how to do that!!
I already put this question to the community
and every single answer did not work.
So I went through all the plugins on my own
with no success :(
Thank you,