In what ways, if any, has SEO methodology changed in the past 2 or 3 years?

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Abledragon Premium
Hi there,

SEO is constantly evolving, but mostly doing so in a way that actually makes it easier for webmasters.

The search engines are all now able to read website pages and understand how they are set out, so the need to set up the detailed META tags that were necessary some years ago is becoming less and less important.

Basically, if you set up your posts and pages with good SEO Titles and META descriptions, and if you do some keyword research before writing your articles, then you will have done 80% of what you need to do to figure well in the search results.

The remaining 20% of things to do can take you down some very deep rabbit holes and, frankly, the return on the effort you put in diminishes quickly.

Doing keyword research, writing good content, setting up good SEO Titles and META descriptions will give you a very strong SEO base.

Also, as Marion said, use one of the SEO plugins (All-in-One or Yoast). They do not do your SEO for you, but they do make it easy to fill out the fields you need to fill out (SEO title, META descriptions, etc).


MarionBlack Premium
Check Jay's webinars using the Live Events button on the left, Barbara. That should bring you up to speed.

Also, you may find the Yoast SEO plugin helpful.