Hey guys, I am planning to write all about Guinness on my next post on my Irish tourism site. I will be then doing the Guinness storehouse tour at a later date. I will also be writing about some famous Irish whiskeys and their relavent tours some time in the near future also. I actually have a fewparagraphs about whiskey in a previous post.

But I was just wondering as I saw a guy having problems with google adsense. The guy had a website about brewing beer and wine making. It was a very well made site I must say. He was using amazon affiliates to sell equipment for brewing, pretty simple stuff like grain, bottles and tubs. But he wrote a blog here on WA that he stated google adsense would have nothing to do with him.

My posts will be in a different context, it will describe the product characteristics and the history. I already have an adsense account from my previous site (I hope I can use it for multiple sites?) but will I be penalised if I put adsense on these posts that mention allot about alcohol products.

I am not ready for adsense yet, I have 35 more posts to do,but I would like to know before I do this post as I don't want to mess up the entire website's reputation with google.
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VickiB58 Premium
Their criteria change every freaking month. As long as what you're talking about is legal, I don't see any reason they would reject adsense. I did NOT know that multiple sites are okay, though, as someone said below.

Don't we have to have approval for EVERY adsense account?
AngelaHall Premium
No, only one site needs approval and then you can add your other websites to your existing adsense account.
VickiB58 Premium
Really! Good to know!!!
ajacobs123 Premium
Not sure, as Google is so iffy on a lot of things, but love me some Guinness!
don16 Premium
Google adsense is not a problem on multiple sites. Your site about alcohol shouldn't be a problem with them either. Read their guidelines about appropriate websites.
TheOldSilly Premium
I would think an alcohol post, if done with responsibilty, would be ok. But to be safe, you might want to read up on Google's terms, conditions and policies?

Just to be sure. I see lots of such articles listed on Google, but better safe than sorry, hm?
Shawn Martin Premium
I would cheek the TOS at adsense and see if there is any reference to the alcohol niche.
kennnyb Premium
Not certain but i think he is right.