Hello Kyle - I have been receiving emails from you congratulating me on getting Google ranked. I was just checking to see if all my articles have been Google ranked. I'm missing 2 posts. Then I noticed that I didn't have any emails stating that I had any articles Google ranked between April 19,2020. and May 19,2020. I double checked all my emails, even spam, none were found. Is it possible that someone could check to see if I missed any emails during that time that my articles were Google ranked? Or is there someone else I can talk to about this? If those two articles where not ranked, does Google tell you why, or send a message as to what caused them not to rank? I just want to do everything within my power to be Google ranked.

Thank you for your help.

Nancy M. Hamar

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MarionBlack Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is not going to tell you about every article that gets indexed, Nancy. You can check yourself by typing site:example.com into your browser and you'll get a list of everything that has been indexed.

Keep adding your new stuff at Search Console and make sure you've added your sitemap.
NancyHamar Premium
Thank you Marion Black.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Good question Nancy. I am following your thread.

In my opinion, think that you just have to be patient with getting them ranked. Remember that Google had a major update in the time period you mention on how they rank websites and content. That could be a reason that it takes osm more time.

I the meantime I advise you to read up on the changes Google made in order to understand the changes Google implemented.

Kyle posted this blog about the update: You can also search for "google updates SEO 2020" and you will find several relevant explanations about the update.

Good luck!

NancyHamar Premium
Thank you @roysin. I will look those up.
Take care.
lucbizz Premium
If your posts are not ranked yet ,you can add them yourself in Google search console and ask a request for indexing. Something I do with each blog post whenever I have hit the publish button.
NancyHamar Premium
Thank you @lucbizz. Where do I find Google search console?
Thank you,