Hi Everyone
I have written a few articles in the last week or so. The AIOSEO have them in the green zone but I haven't seen an email from WA saying they have been ranked on google. Different articles, different content etc.
Is this normal? Have I done something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

I also wrote an article and it seems to have disappeared from my WA content area, it is still showing in my Wordpress posts though. Is this a bit strange?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

First off great job.

A site takes good two weeks to get indexed in Google. You'd get an email notification.

Have you set up Google Search Console yet? Jay's live webinar As Lula mentioned you can also request indexing.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Was that blogging at WA or Site Content?

Have you saved it?

If you click on Blogging at WA, a box pops up, look up and you'd see drafts.

If in site content, I'd look under Unpublished Docs.


If you edited a document in site content and published it, future edits has to be done in WordPress. Site content and WordPress work independently.

I'd place my images in a document in site content and publish it to my site. it will be added to my WordPress media library.
MikeBootb Premium
Thanks for your reply. It was blogging but I think I've got it sorted. I was used to getting an email from WA saying my content had been indexed but I hadn't seen one in awhile.
Thanks for your help.
countrylife Premium
You article could be in drafts. Have you published it?
And you can request indexing for your posts.
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
MikeBootb Premium
I think I have it sorted.
Thanks for your reply.
I had published it but I have also asked for a couple of blogs to be indexed as well.
It's all learning but great that the likes of you are there to help.