Hello WA friends,

by curiousity, I typed in word per word one of my posts' title and it appeared on the first page of Google. Is this normal because it's word per word or is it a really good thing? I'm asking because I am not sure if I should rejoice!!

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JagR Premium
Try incognito mode, with only the focus keyword without the title. You can get to the incognito mode by clicking on the 3 dots on the upper right side, there will a drop-down and select incognito mode.
TheMagicBrad Premium
If you typed it in “word for word“ as a longtail key word/phrase, that is no surprise why it would be first page.

Because, who else would search that entire sentence?

If you take a long phrase or sentence from any of your blog posts and search on it, and it will probably come up first, because that combination of words is nowhere else on the Internet.

If you can find a keyword phrase that a lot of people use commonly, that would be gold. ( if no other marketers are using that phrase)

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JMatonge1 Premium
Rejoice greatly and congratulations because not every post reaches page one on Google.
petardz Premium
You should do it in Anonymous mode when searching, then try to do it.. if it's on page one it's good sign :)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
It most definitely can't be bad!!🥳💕