I have just found out quite an anolomy with the SERPs and I am not quite sure how to go about resolving it.
I have recently just reactivated my Serprobot which gives me rankings from google of all my posts and I noticed that some of the URL's didn't match the post titles, in other words Serprobot was finding the posts but under a different URL.
On checkingthe search pages I find that a post for "beef casserole" is listed under a search for "Bakewell Tart" and when I search for Lancashire Hotpot I find Beef Casserole, I know that Google places posts to searches that they think are relevant to the searchers request but neither of those two posts have any relevance at all.
I have just found these two at the moment, god knows how many more I am going to find.
Was just wondering if anyone has come across this before and what if anything I can do about it.

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feigner Premium
does your serprobot only find the highest ranking keyword for each post
posts are normally ranked for many keywords and the one that you robot may have found is the highet at the moment - so google found that keyword to be theh most relevant within the returned list ( i wonder whether google knows its a robot asking?)
so i would go into search console and select the post and then query to see what it thinks is relevant overall for that post.
just thoughts
Gordon-D Premium
I can sort of understand the beef casserole and Lancashire hotpot, they are both meat dishes, albeit they are different meats, but what beef cassero0le has to do with Bakewell Tart, bemused. I'll have a look at GSC.