The past 2 days my Google Analytics is showing 0 visitors.

Since I have received many comments on my posts in the past 2 days, I know that I have had visitors.

Has anyone else noticed this?

What's going on?

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magistudios Premium Plus
My suggestion is to check to see if GA is working.

1) Go to you GA Admin
2) Property Column
3) Tracking Info
4) Tracking Code
5) Have a look at Status and see if it says 'Receiving traffic in past 48 hours'
6) Click the 'Send test traffic' button
7) A window will pop up of your website and you should see if it worked within a few seconds.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank you so much Jay!

That worked and now my visitors are showing up again!

You are truly an expert and great asset to us all my friend,

lesabre Premium
Thanks for sharing that Jay.

Best wishes,
JeffreyMead1 Premium
Mine has been down for awhile. I've checked and triple checked my code and all looks fine. Everyday I get a website traffic email from google showing traffic but analytics shows 0 visitors. I've gotten kind of burnt out trying to figure it out. If you find a solution please let me know,
chuckholmes Premium
Just checked mine. It is working fine.
Dave07 Premium
Hi Tony
I had a look and mine seems to be working normally - last few days too.
Hope you get it sorted.

Larry88 Premium
Mine seems to be working