Hi everyone,

I just renewed my domain here for a couple of years, because I've been reading that Google likes to see that websites are around long-term. It is apparently a ranking factor.

This may be a weird question, but how long does it take for google to notice that you have done this? Do you need to let google know in some way as we do with indexing?

I'm guessing the Google bots probably just find it pretty quickly scanning your website.

Thanks for humoring my newbie question :)

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jghwebbrand Premium
The age your domain name has existed Start to current can be a positive thing if your site has good SEO and content to go with it.
AnnWiens Premium
Right, that makes sense. Thank you :)
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I suspect its a very minor feature in the 200 different factors that Google looks at!

Yes, it shows commitment to the domain, but original, informative content,
good user experience, and site speed are the most important.
AnnWiens Premium
Great, thanks, Diane :)
ParthaB Premium
Hi Ann,

Firstly, well done for the extended domain registration.

It shows you're serious and in it for the long haul. So well done for that.

However, unfortunately domain length registration as an SEO factor is an urban myth.

And this was confirmed a few years ago by Google's Matt Cutts. He stated that domain registration length never has been and never will be a ranking factor.

If you think about it, if it was true everyone would be registering for 5 years, 10 years, etc. & expecting to rank all their content at the top of the Search engines.

The number one ranking factor will always be the relevance of your content to a searcher's query.

Hope that makes sense?

RajratnaS1 Premium
You're absolutely right! Google check the age of the domain not for your subscription plan.
AnnWiens Premium
Yep, that makes sense! Thank you, Partha :) I may have been reading an outdated article. (or just one that wasn't the greatest).

It does seem like content is the answer for most things!

Glad that it wasn't a waste of money though because registering it longer will keep me motivated to keep going :)