My latest post has got to page 4 on Yahoo and Bing but is nowhere to be seen on Google. My site has been indexed on Google for a few days.

Just wondering if in your experience Google takes longer to rank pages.

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ChrisTowers Premium
Well it would seem so..

A lot of my targeted KWs are showing on Yahoo and Bing on the 1st page ... on Google the same KWs are on the 5th 6th or 7th page .. some are not ranked at all!
manne13666 Premium
I found that once I started using the Google Search Console I started getting ranked. It's not much right now, but I have a fairly new site. There's the link to the training replay on it if you haven't watched it already.

Take care.
keith-price Premium
Thanks, I will take a look for sure.
newmarketpro Premium
My opinion.
G is a bigger search engine compared to Yahoo and Bing. Still depends on the keyword and niche you are at and how competitive is the niche.

G is more competitive to get rank. So if you are targeting high competitive keyword, it takes sometimes to get ranked on page one.

If I were you, I will not worry so much as you create more content, you are sending G more keyword to be ranked.

keith-price Premium
Thanks Joe. I guess that Google does have the most competition.
SeanGreentre Premium
Interesting. Not really. If anything, in my personal experience, Bing and Yahoo take longer with my posts, though that's not always the case.

Do you have Google Search Console set up yet? Apologies, not sure if you've yet reached this part in the lessons. If so, then it would help enormously if you created an XML sitemap and submitted it to Google Console (aka webmaster tools) so Google at least knows you have regular new content to find. The sitemap updates automatically and in turn allows Google to find it. Furthermore, I believe Wordpress uses a 'Ping' system that submits new posts, on publishing, to Pingomatic, which in turn informs the key search engines that it is there to be found. This always used to be the case with Wordpress, but not sure if it still is today.

Nevertheless, the lessons here cover Search Console and Sitemaps so if you're not there yet, keep an eye out as this is covered.

Hope that helps?

keith-price Premium
Thanks so much for that response Sean, really useful.
I don't have Google search Console set up yet as I haven't got to that section yet. Will look out for it though.
Just checked again and my post is on page 3 of Bing but not even in the top 20 pages on Google (can't even find it on Google).

It's all a learning process though.
SeanGreentre Premium
No worries :-)
chrisbailey Premium
Yahoo is powered by Bing, so the results are often similar.

Google has a completely different algorithm.

I wouldn't necessarily say it takes longer, it's just different.