I am about to create a page on my site that will be added to my menu. The subject will be finding you Irish ancestry and will implement links from findmypast.com and access to their free trial.

But should I open it up to comment or leave it closed? Strangely enough within the almost 6 months I have been here I have done loads of posts but very little pages,

Any advice is very much appreciated.
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pinkabella Premium
I look forward to the new page. I would love to find out about my Irish ancestry both my parent were Irish but my dads family history is a sparse.
jasontw111 Premium
I have it posted just now if you want to check it out :)
Marcus1978 Premium
Personally, I would leave everything open for comments.
SteveWish Premium
I've left mine open for comments, however; I'm getting lots of trash. Mostly ads. I guess you have to sift through the comments and trash the trash.
AVJ Premium
Wonder if there is a plugin to elimate adds on the comment section as that does not sound right?
davyrobot Premium
Hi Jason! -

How are you my friend?

I would leave it OPEN for comments!

It's Great to interact with your readers!

You never know who is reading your comments - it might just be that person who will see your comment - go to you Website and buy something! :)
LittleClaire Premium
I would have comments open on all posts and pages. The more potential there is for engagement, the better :)

And, in the case of this particular topic, you could encourage people to come back and share their findings after visiting findmypast.com.

As far as I can tell, there's very little difference between a post and a page anyway, except pages are usually designated to pillar articles and you file them slightly differently on your site.

tommydillard Premium
Pages are for main topics and post are articles or blogs about that topic. Also privacy page, disclaimer, about me, and home page.
jasontw111 Premium
Well it is a main topic as this will be a resource that my site provides access to. It is also a really good affiliate program so I want to maximize on it