I'm currently reading this lesson in WA Affiliate Bootcamp about submitting site not only in Google but also in Bing and in Yahoo.

Kyle suggested I submit my URL to these alternative search engines.

I don't remember submitting my site to Bing and yet when I checked, it was already ranked and placed on 2nd page for my keyword.

Kyle said Bing and Yahoo are in one umbrella, or maybe in the same system (Microsoft's).

Now, if I submit my site to Yahoo, will this mean I am submitting it again to Bing? Will this kind of redundancy provoke disciplinary actions from Bing?

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eatsoap Premium
Thanks for raising this question!
I was wondering about the same thing.

Triblu Premium
Hey Gomer,

According to: http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/how-to-submit-a-site-to-search-engines-seo-how-to-tuesday-2/
"Submit Your Site To Yahoo (No Need – Bing powers Yahoo in 2016)"
GomMagtibay Premium
I see. That confirms what I previously thought...

Thanks! :)
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Gomer.
glablue28 Premium
Coach thank you for addressing this subject. The responses from the other WA Community Members has been a great lessons learned for me.
All the best,
paulgoodwin Premium
Yahoo and bing are the same but you should certainly index to Yandex as Yandex is nearly as big as Google
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks for the advice (and tips). I will do that.
PjGermain Premium
Correct. If you submitted to Yahoo, you're done as far as Yahoo/Bing.