When I repurpose a page on my website, do I need a 301 redirect. If so, how do I add it

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lesabre Premium
Hi Dan, I am going to assume you are using AIOSEO. If you change your link then yes you need to do a re-direct when you update your page/post.
I do not use AIO but with Rank Math, if I update the link then all I have to do is click on re-direct and all is done.
If all you have done is updated your page, this re-direct may not be necessary but I would go to Google and re-submit the page/post URL in the submission area in Google's search console and request indexing.

Best wishes,

baughsten Premium Plus
Great suggestions . Thank you
Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Good morning, thanks for asking this question. Sorry that I have no idea but would like to learn more from what you will be receiving as answers.

Have a great weekend,

baughsten Premium Plus
My understanding is that google assigns 'authority" at the page level and you don't want to loose that authortiy when you change your original page for some reason. One reason would be to repurpose the content of that page. One way to make sure you maintain the original pages authority is to redirect it to the new page via a 301 redirect. I am wondering, if WP or WA does this automatically, when we make an update to the content of a published page.
I'm looking forward to any comments also.
Have a great weekend also.

Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Thank you, I appreciate your explanation.
I think Micheal has responded to what you were looking as an answer.
Sorry, I didn't have any idea about the right answer.