I've realized something.

Whenever I do a site:search of my website, Google, at the bottom, say:

"In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 8 already displayed.

If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included."

I wonder if this is caused by a couple of factors:

  • the fact that I have more than one post with the same or similar keyword phrases
  • that I have posts which overlap in keywords phrases

It's a little tricky, since, if am to create much content for a specific niche, all my content will be about that niche, and so, it's going to be a challenge to not only write around a keyword, but write in a way to avoid a keyword that I've targeted previously, within a particular niche.

That said, regarding my titled question: Do I have to remove my old posts and rewrite them in such a way that each post targets only one keyword? Or can I just edit the post, without changing the URL and deleting it? I already have engagement, it would be a shame to lose that.

Or is there another option?


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MozMary Premium
people don't delete posts that are getting engagement

it is a rule of thumb to target one keyword per post

the real question lies in what you said about creating much content for a specific niche - no niche should be tied down to one keyword, it looks like the niche is too narrow or your concept of keywords [or niche] is narrow

what is your niche?
AdeRobinson Premium
It's actually not too narrow a niche. My niche is music production. So I write about music production software and gear. I also plan on reviewing instruments, as it is related and a part of the niche.

So yes I'm trying to see how many posts I can spin out in the field of music production. Maybe not all my posts will be review posts. My latest post was about ways to optimize your windows PC for better performance as a producer.

I am concerned about the keywords overlapping. I think I should change the keywords then? Or maybe leave them in, because, for instance, I wrote two posts about the best sort of software for music production. Then I write another post, a review post, with the same and related keywords. Both these posts attracted engagement (from WA people, but still engagement), but only one has affiliate links (a 10 ten review) while the other one is an "advice" sort of post.

I think what you say about my "concept of keywords/niche is narrow" may be correct.

But do you have any advice of the double posts with the same keyword?

Thanks again.
MozMary Premium
your niche certainly is broad enough for variety, which is great

here's a couple of things to consider:

remember that other words in the post also will rank, so google can pick up on other content

and sometimes people write posts without keywords - Nathaniell did a recent post on this, though keywords are indeed a strategy in themselves

- also note there is a possibility to put internal links within those posts to each other so there's a bit of SEO juice

if you really feel you want to change your posts' keywords, then take a look at some extra member training for ideas on how to do this and for a better feel of keywords, because going forward you clearly want to be thinking different keywords

see Jovo's latest post on this on what happens when you change keywords, also look at boomergp08's training on keywords, he's done multiple posts and training on them to get a real feel for them

here is a short and sweet post by vitalyg too with some tips I think this is a great question that is not going to have one straightforward answer, there will be options, and some will depend on the actual content of your posts [which I haven't read]

I'd like to hear other people's ideas on this - this question was asked in the classroom section, it will get more exposure and visibility if you use the pen icon to ask further questions on it.
AdeRobinson Premium
Thank you again. After reading those posts I have a clearer idea of how to approach keywords. It seems like an art and a science at the same time. I can see how a person can a "master" of it.
I don't think I need to change my keywords, after all. My strategy would be to link back to them from other posts targeting other related keywords.
MozMary Premium
That's great, Ade and a great description - truly an art and a science!
AdeRobinson Premium
Thanks for your help :)