If I would cough up the money to purchase my trademark .com domain, which is now offered to me at greatly reduced price, would my trust take a hit? The domain has existed for 5 years and has been in some sort of use (just a page with links). So does the site loose the trust it has gathered in this time if I take it over?

Just wondering because certain people tell me .biz is disadvantage although I already have several first page articles on Google, but my pages typically rank only on page 3 or 4 to begin with.

So not sure, looking for opinions and wondering if it's worth is SEO wise. I know my customers often get confused me not having the .com site, that bit is clear.

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iZED Premium
I bought domains and can tell you that domain authority and trust basically reflect the domain age, transferring ownership won't change a bit. I bought a whole website just because the domain was a 1-year-old and DA 5. As for com vs biz, it's a no-brainer that .com is better, but you can go for that domain with .biz, it'll rank just like any other extension. You may consider checking DA, and whether it has any backlinks before closing the deal.
mickeyb123 Premium
All things being equal, buying a domain that already has some trust is a good thing. The roblems is: what kind of traffic (not amount, necessarily, but quality) is there already?

Are you doing approximately the same thing the old owner was doing? Are you doing it better?

Again, all in all, I would go for a .com over .biz/.

I don't think I need to tell you to place a redirect on your current website to the new one!

ArtByHeart Premium
It's not so simple...I already have my website with .biz for 3 months because .com was taken over by squatters few hours after my trademarking ArtByHeart 5 years ago. They just put up some links to http://fineartamerica.com and waited for me to buy it...I didn't want to pay, so ended up with .biz .eu and couple others. Now the re-registering is up and they are offering it for rather OK price, so rethinking if it'll pay of in long term and short term. Not worried of the technicalities!
theresroth Premium
I'm not sure about the .com or .biz thing, but if the site had more links than content, it's YOU who'll be improving IT!
ArtByHeart Premium
Well since this would mean me moving my content from .biz to .com I don't want to do that if it causes a SEO hit.