I get that you'd want to have a new featured image for each blog post.

But what are the consequences (if any) of reusing an image from your library within the body of a new post if it's relevant?

Stella :-)

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Maddy55 Premium
You can but....There are so many photos available that you could download into your media library. It keeps your Posts fresh and interesting, in my opinion, to have different photos in each. However, that being said, if you have a lot of pages or posts, no one is really going to notice that you are reusing photos every now and then. I've done that a few times with photos that I own.
feigner Premium
reupload it and use a different alt text - google can't 'see ' the image - but does read the alt text.
chender684 Premium
You can, just be aware that Google likes fresh and unique content, and that includes images if possible. I wouldn't use the same image on several posts. There are millions of images on Site Content, so I am sure you can find new pertinent images.
davehayes Premium
None as far as I know
ShuiHyen Premium
I don't see any consequences using the same image as your featured image.