Hey everyone...I was going to do a product review for my website, but wanted to ask you guys your opinion on something. I have three different keywords I am choosing between. I know that in the training, you are looking for words with an average of over 40, a QSR of under 100, and as high SEO as possible. Keyword number 1's stats are AVG: 5,424 and QSR: 97...the second is AVG: 341 and QSR: 78...my dilemma comes because of the amount of traffic I would need to get first page rankings...traffic on the first is 928 while the second is 58...both meet the criteria, but I'm concerned about the traffic...any thoughts?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Stephen,

If you need to better understand Jaaxy, here's a blog that will help you: However, if you are wondering if you can use more than one long tail keyword, the answer is, "YES, you can". Just be sure not to over use your keywords. The "rule of thumb" l like to use is this... NOT to use any one keyword more than 3 times in a post of 1000 words.

Using more than one long tail keyword won't guarantee you but doing so may help your post rank for BOTH!

Hope you find this helpful.