I've been trying to figure this out with the speed page insight scores being in the red zone. I don't understand anything when it suggests how to fix it. I know my images are wrong. I have them all as jpg's and they should be png's. Should I go back and change them all or do they have to compressed?

Anyone have any suggestions??

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platanon Premium
images make a big difference so use tinypng alone to compress your images or install the smush it plug-in. Also no matter what your site is about you need a caching plug in. I use wp super cache because for me is the easiest to use since i already know how to use it. I use recommended setting and always update mod rewrite. There’s also w3 cache and tons more but in my opinion they are either too hard to setup or too expensive.

Another great free plugin that I discovered lately is called Hummingbird. Is easy to use free and it gives you a lot of choices as far as making tweaks to get a better score. Now like I said I just discovered so I’m not an expert. I hope you try and let me know how it works out and if it helps you or not.

And like someone else recommended on some of the answers here make sure that you test your site speed from a incognito browser and make sure you’re testing individual posts or individual pages on your website and not just testing the root of your website. I hope that makes sense.
sorry for any typos. I’m answering from my phone.
JMEvens Premium
Rob if you take them into a picture editor program you can save them as a png there are a few free programs out there to change the format for you
GeoffGS Premium
I wasn't aware that the image type mattered as much as the image size. You can use ewww image compressor or Smush it. A couple good compression plugins.

But consider if your image sizes start huge, they will only compress so much. You can use a free tool like the pixlr editor to make images much smaller. Take a 2400 x 1800 image down to 600 × 450. The image file size ends up being much smaller.

For the page speed insights, I'm not an expert. I can tell you that the coding in your WordPress theme can be the issue, and much isn't easy or even should be changed. A premium theme can have better results, but are much less user friendly.

The page speed feature here on WA works wonders. My site has poor scores, but always runs fast. :)
sgreenb7 Premium
Have you tried using a caching plugin like WP super cache? Caching dramatically helps speed scores but can be tricky to get right even with a plugin.
sgreenb7 Premium
For mobile speed you can try the AMP (accelerated movile pages ) plugin promoted by Google. Also not the simplest thing to get right so make sure you back up your site before activating it.