With the recent Google Update (Penguin 4.0), it occurred to us that continuous, active discussion in our blog posts (engagement) are very important, if we are to rank or maintain our rankings.

Fresh content, and active discussions are the ones that matter now.

Now, with all the commenting systems available, the only one that I am sure getting noticed by Google are the comments done via Wordpress, where you login with your Gravatar. Facebook comments are invisible to Google. (Please correct me if I am wrong with this belief)

But, as I browse big news sites, those sites that are heated with arguments among visitors, I noticed most of the discussions are done by logging in with Disqus, a commenting plugin the requires you log in first with major social networks before you can give your comment.

Website: https://disqus.com/

The problem with a blog using only Wordpress commenting is, there are people who don't have Gravatars and accounts with Wordpress, so oftentimes, even if they want to leave their comments, they can't. Having Disqus as an alternative seems great.

So, my question is, to cater to people who don't have wordpress accounts, in SEO point of view, is it okay to use Disqus?

Though, I have some hesitations using these alternative commenting systems, as I have observed in the past that, the moment you make these alternatives available, the wordpress commenting system is getting ignored (which obviously is the one visible to Google).

Can anyone enlighten me on these?

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Suzanne-SB Premium
I've been considering using Discus for a while now. I don't use WA hosting so I can't use WA site comments anyway.

I'll give it a try and let you know how I get along.
GomMagtibay Premium
UPDATE: I have uninstalled Disqus, for the reason that it gets in the way of WA's commenting system.

Right after activating Disqus, the Wordpress commenting system (which is the one compatible with WA's Site Comments) got deactivated.

So, weighing all factors, I ended up deactivating Disqus.
judebanks Premium
Good question. I have no idea but I did take a look at the disqus site to see what they say and you can read what they reply to the question: Can Disqus Help with SEO:


I have seen Disqus comments indexed in Google in the past. They did get indexed before the Penguin update. I don't know if that will continue after the update.

GomMagtibay Premium
Thank you. Not really sure, but possible. That's what I read in the posts about Disqus.