A simple question today hopefully. Are tags still useful for SEO or are they irrelevant now?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Andrew,

The following tutorial may provide you with some helpful insight into this topic: Hope you find this helpful.
android6706 Premium Plus
Thanks Trish. is there any training on how to use them?
Triblu Premium
Yes Andrew, there appears to be several different tutorials and a couple of blogged tips on tags. See screen print below to see how you can readily access them...
DaveSw Premium
I have had search results in Google (Chrome, incognito mode) that highlighted the tags I placed on posts...This surprised me so I would guess that can help SEO-wise...

If there is something that helps the site visitor navigate through your site easier (as tags can, as part of the taxonomy system you create) it makes sense that Google would look favorably on them...

Are they the main thing to focus on when it comes to SEO? Nope, not at all...Just use the related phrases (and possibly keywords) and it takes little time, so why not?

Here is an article where the writer takes the opposite view (he is not a fan of tags):


Check out what he has to say...I can only speak from my own experience and I use them...

Dave : )
LenkaSophie Premium
I think you are right, Dave, everything what helps the user navigate through content should be considered by google somehow. If not, at least we have a website with a better overview :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
I believe they're used for that. Not sure about the other part!