hi therei have just looked on search consol(coverage) and I have over 332 excluded pages
158 crawled and not indexed
96 discovered not indexed
70 excluded by noindex tag
is this bad?

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ParthaB Premium
Hey Lee,

It depends on what the pages and posts are "excluded" and "not discovered".

You should "noindex" categories and tags anyway, as this will simply be a duplicate of the articles you already have published.

Your "crawled and not indexed" urls should all end in "feed".

That's fine, as these are RSS feeds, so they're not created for humans, but for RSS feed crawlers and readers (basically they are you articles written in code format, so they wouldn't make sense to a human being anyway).

There's a couple of ways to check your indexed pages. First, would be to open an incognito tab (private browsing) in Google.

Then type in:


and check through the results

Alternatively, simply go to Google Search Console under "Coverage" again, and click on "submitted and indexed" and see which articles are included.

I'm guessing as your site is over a year old now everything should be getting indexed within a few hours of you publishing.

It tends to happen quicker with age and if you post regularly.

If you're using the All-in-One SEO plugin you can also go to your WordPress dashboard.

Click on All-in-One SEO on the left-hand side.

Click "General" and at the top you have the ability to change how often your site is crawled for new content, i.e. daily/weekly/monthly.

Hope that makes sense?

If not, just ask.

Lee-Pat Premium
Thanks I will try that 👍
jghwebbrand Premium
Do you have your AIOSEO set up properly.
I would check it to make sure you don't have tick marks by "no index". Can you access your site map online.
domainname dot com/sitemap.xml

Do you have a robots.txt file. You can check its content from your WordPress dashboard. Make sure it is activated.
Is it * for crawling.