I'm about to finish writing an information article for my blog, and I need to reference a few sources I'm using.

Originally I was going to use my text as anchor text for an external link, but one of the links would need to be in the first three sentences of my post.

Would putting an external link so close to the start of my post be bad for SEO and google juice?

Am I better off linking externally to these references at the very end like a footnote?

Thank you for any help.

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merlynmac Premium
The only other thing I'd worry about is redirecting your reader away from your post so early in the game.
emilyonline Premium
thank you, yes i was thinking about that. a really good point. I think i'll make a reference list at the end as its quite a facts based article anyways.
seconds2work Premium
I think it all depends.

1, If it's leading to provide proof or cite a source it is great for SEO.

2. If its an affiliate link leading to an affiliate site, it bad.

3. If it an external link leading from the post to another post on your website it is good.
emilyonline Premium
thank you, that's very helpful.