This is Big Question 3 of three common questions I see floating around WA. The other ones were:

  1. Amazon Shopping Plugins
  2. Solo Ads + Safe Lists

Many "guru" products on the market these days talk about Traffic Exchanges as their super secret method to generating traffic. I have personally never used them, and never heard any good stories from people that have paid for them.

As far as I understand, you pay a fee to join a 'club'. You click on other people's ads to receive credits that can be spent in the club. Your credits buy clicks to your website or sales page. The people clicking your website are other members that want credits.

In essence, the only reason someone would click your link is because they want to receive credits and get clicks to their own website. They are not interested in your offer. No one outside the exchange sees your offer/website!

I don't think they are used in any other niche except "make money online" or "biz op" type niches.

I would never use a traffic exchange, and I know Kyle/Carson would never recommend them.

However, I wanted to open the floor for people to share their personal experiences. Some questions to consider are

  • How much did you spend?
  • Did traffic increase?
  • How many clicks did you get?
  • Did you make any sales?
  • Did the sales you made cover the cost of the exchange?

Looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say, I know there are quite a few WA members out there that have tried them.

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bazboy247 Premium
I started to learn about it and when I realized that it sucks all your time from you then I left it be

It only works for the IM niche and truthfully all they want you to do is join their paid products on how to get more people into traffic exchange
It looks like a giant pyramid scheme to me and the traffic you can get is all but useless

I would steer clear of this if anybody is thinking about it

nathaniell Premium
Many traffic exchanges have been compared to ponzi schemes because when people stop paying for credits, there's no one to click ads, and the traffic dies out. There are different models though.
goodsuccess Premium
Yes, I used them years ago. It's a different genre of marketers out there. If you took the time to study how it's done you can make it successful.

My number one tip is never use a straight sales page. You will NEVER get a sale that way.

Most of these TE marketers use them to get subscribers via a squeeze optin form along with a free enticing offer.

They also promote each others TE affiliate link...this way they get credits without actually surfing.

You can purchase credits and if you have the right squeeze page it can work.

Most TE surfers promote MLM, get rich quick products. But sometimes you can find a good offer when surfing for credits.

I recommend purchasing credits to test things out. Very inexpensive!

My own success rate was about 50/50. It does require lots of time and work and is one reason why I have stopped using T.E's
silah77 Premium
I have joined many down the years but this time around things have changed. I used to earn quiet a bit of money on clicking ads etc. Now I moved out of it due to sites closing done that I got involved with. I have two TE sites which I am still involved with. You have to click ads to earn credits. I have two which I am still currently using: 1. which I pay a monthly subscription to post my sites. and liked the best and I am still a free member on that. This is only from personal experience.
nathaniell Premium
You are making money clicking ads, but do you submit any offers and make money? I would like to know from the perspective of people trying to submit their websites to the exchanges.
silah77 Premium
To be honest Nathan, not really...only cb links etc as I didn't learn much about submitting offers etc which i am now learning here in WA. Easyhits4u have generated good traffic for me on the other end.
AdeSimmonds Premium
This is very interesting, I've never tried it and can't say that I ever will! But I'm keen to see what other people have to say about it...
Shawn Martin Premium
I want to watch this feed closely.

Thanks for putting this out there