Hey all, so I have been with WA for a few months now, and am getting discouraged after putting a lot of effort into 20+ blog posts that are keyword rich. My first couple posts got indexed in Google within a couple weeks. But now, nothing is getting indexed at all. I saw somewhere it usually takes a few weeks but it has been months.

I am getting almost zero traffic, no indexing, denials or no responses from affiliate programs like Walmart (I applied in November and haven't heard back), and I also got denied from Google Adsense. It feels wrong to move forward in the training past the Adsense lesson, since I can't get approved for it.

I am losing faith. I am putting so much time and energy into this site but am getting no payoff even after several months. I would expect at least a little traffic... Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very good info here, Max!

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I took a look at your website, which you have mentioned elsewhere. Realistically, it takes at least 30 to 40 posts before you start seeing traffic. And consistency is key to attract Google's attention. You need to find a schedule of adding posts that you can stick to.

For example, in November, you added 8 posts which is good, as it should ideally be 2 or 3 posts each week. But then only 1 in December.

As regards indexing, if you are relying on getting emails to tell you that your posts are indexed, then it's not always accurate. Instead, go to Google and search site:bodyweightmax.com. It looks as though quite a lot of posts are indexed up to the end of November.

Google AdSense typically expects to see 20 to 30 posts. So, adding more content and trying later would be the best option. You can certainly move on with the lessons. Most people apply too early and are rejected.

However, they also expect your Affiliate Disclosure to be clearly visible. Yours is not, it is hidden under the "About" section and you have called it "Legal". It needs renaming correctly and adding on its own to the top menu. This alone can get you rejected from AdSense if not done correctly.

Some of your posts are quite short, some are less than 500 words. You need to aim for 1000 words. Also, check out the competition for your keywords that have made it to page 1 of Google. If for example, all the posts on page 1 are at least 1600 words, you are not going to beat them with only 800 words.

And finally, just as an aside, you are breaking some of Amazon's rules which will get you banned from their program.

You are not allowed to say that buying through your site "supports" the work you do. They really don't like to word "support". Also, you are not allowed to mention the price of a product. And you can only use the one image they supply you with, which you have to add using the HTML code from the Site Stripe bar. You cant copy and paste any images.
Eugene Premium
Agree totally with Diane. Follow her lead
mtraylor87 Premium
Wow, thank you so much for the detailed info and suggestions, and for looking at the site itself. So much of what you told me I don't recall seeing in the lessons. ie, emails regarding indexing, word counts, and not being allowed to show the price of a product. I had no idea.

Regarding Amazon, I thought I just copy/pasted their statement as they require? The "support" part was added by me after taking advice from WA, as not all my links are to Amazon. Same goes with the Legal section. But I will make these fixes as you suggest.

Regarding December... I was busy eating too much and disconnecting from as many electronics as possible... :-/

Seriously, thank you, Diane Scorpio. If the info you gave me just now was already on WA, then it is in places I never would have known to look.
mtraylor87 Premium
Definitely. Her answer to my question was basically "yes, you ARE doing it all wrong." Ha! Seriously though, incredibly helpful.
JasonJF Premium
Dianne has provided some helpful tips here for sure.

Focus on what she suggested and keep on adding helpful content. Google really loves to see consistency and that you are in it for the long haul.

And to get even more content ideas, you can use the AnswerThePublic.com website...

Enter a keyword related to your niche to see the questions people are asking related to it.

Save those keywords and write helpful content that will answer the questions in detail...

That's a great way to get traffic coming to your site.

All the very best and let us know if you need help with anything.
mtraylor87 Premium
Interesting site. Thanks, I will give it a shot.
Jaz333 Premium
In the beginning it can take some time for indexing to occur. Once you gain more authority and trust with google the indexing process will be more timely.

You can connect your site to google search console and submit a sitemap. Once you have done this you can use the Url Inspection Tool to check or request indexing on your articles. It will help get your content indexed a bit quicker.

These tutorial will help you get going with search console: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/classes/using-the-new-google-search-console

Best, Shannon
mtraylor87 Premium
Thanks! I will check out the search console.
Newme202 Premium
Are you getting traffic?
Please don't be discouraged!
Please don't give up
Try and be a bit more patient
mtraylor87 Premium
Nope, no traffic. Thanks for the reply.
Newme202 Premium
Can you check Google analytics again?
mtraylor87 Premium
Sorry for the late reply. I didn't have GA at the time but I have it now. I'm guessing a future lesson will have me set it up, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It is saying 0 traffic, though.

But, days of discouragement are to be expected. I will keep plugging away. I appreciate the help.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Unfortunately it can take months before things start moving. You just be patient and keeping trying to impress Google with your posts.