My search console account shows that all of my pages have been indexed but when I search (as suggested by Google). The result pages which appeared are very weird.

For example- I have a post which contains an image with alt text 'kindle'. So a page is shown in the result with the page title as 'kindle' and when I open the page it only contains that image instead of the whole post. This is happening on many pages.

But none of my posts are appearing on search page.

And when I directly search a URL of any page then it shows exactly as it is.

I can't seem to understand the issue. Please let know if there is any way to fix this.

My blog is around one and a half month old.

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Robert-A Premium
The search engines will index your posts pretty quickly but it takes a while for them to rank you because it gathers together many aspects about your content then it will rank accordingly.

Images get indexed and ranked as well and of course so much quicker because they are just images.

Ambuj1 Premium
Thanks Robert, One more question. I've seen one of my posts and the meta title and meta description are different from what I've originally written in All in SEO plugin.
Any ideas?
Robert-A Premium
Google will nearly always take 160 characters from the first paragraph of your article for the Meta Description unless you type it in yourself in the Description Box below the end of your article page when you have the article in your Wordpress Edit Mode.

Also with your Title it will be the Title you typed in the Title Box above your little menu when you have the article in Edit Mode.