I just saw this message pop up on my dashboard.

"Thank you for running the latest and greatest All in One SEO Pack ever! New since 2.2: Control who accesses your site with the new Robots.txt Editor and File Editor modules! Enable them from the Feature Manager. Remember to review your settings, we have added some new ones!"

As I have been away from WA for many months, I might have missed some updates or trainings about this.

Could someone please enlighten me or point me to the relevant place to learn what (if anything?) I need to do in regard to these features ?

Thank you. :)

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JackSmith1 Premium
robots.txt is what allows search engine robots or visitors to your site to be able to see your content. If you don;t want certain people seeing your content you can create a robots.txt that blocks them from being able to see your website.

It's mostly used to tell search engines which pages on a site to scan and how to scan them for search engine optimization purposes.
suetay Premium
Thank you for your response, Jack.