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Last Update: November 15, 2016

So, I just spent 45 minutes on a webinar for starting an Amazon business.

The two guys running the webinar were Jeremy and Austin. They gave a pretty nice and convincing presentation that I must say, was really tempting.

They offered a 7 module online course with over 50 videos, Facebook group, one on ones, product advice, walk throughs on how to talk to suppliers, teach you about sponsored ads and so on. Lots of stuff.

At the end, they even said that they'll list your products for you with their exact formula they used to maximize sales and to scale to $1.2 million a year. They would add the images and show you how to get ranked on google.

Sounds pretty good right?

So the end of the webinar comes and they say that they sold out of this offer last time at $5,200 each. And with that one, they weren't even offering all of these bonuses.

They said we could pick it up for 3 easy payments of $497. BUT WAIT!! If you order now you can buy it for 3 easy payments of $299. BUT WAIT!! You can do 3 payments of $299 or you can do one payment of $497 by the end of this webinar.

Then they had the Q&A at the end and were answering all of these questions but never answered mine while speaking like they were the others. This made me think that they were probably fake.

They did answer mine through chat but somehow kept answering all the ones around me while speaking.

I asked if I could try it before I buy it and they said "What do you mean? You get 60 day money back guarantee."

I said that's not "try before you buy" and they said "sorry, we don't do that."

Like I said it was very tempting but what I've learned here at Wealthy Affiliate is that if something is really as great as it's said to be then you should be able to try it first. Then if you agree, you can upgrade at that point.

At WA we got to test out the product and then buy. I think this is how every so called great product should be. Leave it up to the consumer or Member to decide.

Long story short: Watched a webinar. Wanted to join. Didn't because I didn't know if the product was real or as great as advertised.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for creating a truly great product and letting us decide for ourselves if we believe in it.

Over and Out,


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RinaNZ Premium Plus
Great post Sean!
JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for sharing
Chris Lee Premium
Agreed! Good job for not falling for it! :)
JoyNelson Premium
Always good to do some independent research for sure! Thanks for the heads up! - Joy