Wealthy Affiliate Means Success!

Last Update: May 12, 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Means Success!

Today I want to talk about success. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) takes success to an entirely new level in its training and hosting. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is at the expert level. Training is created by experts who have years and years of experience in the field of website and blog site development, content creation, affiliate marketing and using the Wordpress software. Training is offerered via both video and text based lessons. It is constantly being updated to remain state-of-the-art. It includes training specific to creating a successful "niche" site and a separate trainin on how to promote WA itself.

The training is certainly thorough and includes a weekly "live" webinar created specifically by Jay Oneil, an online marketing expert. In additional, there is an entire area of training this is created by WA Premium Members who have become experts in specific topics.

Success can be measured by members who have remained with the WA platform for years and years. Some members have been Premium Members for over 10 years and continue to learn, share and help newer members. In fact, the huge WA community is one of the most "giving" communities I have ever seen online.

The WA platform offers so many great tools for its Premium Members (Jaaxy Lite, a site creation tool which includes 1M royalty free images, spellcheck, duplicate content check, and a backend that is 2nd to none).

I simply can't list all the good things about the WA platform, but you can read so much more about the offerrings within WA HERE.

One of the best things about WA in my opinion is that there have been very few price increases over the years. In my six years as a Premium Member, the monthly fee has been increased only $2. WA will not "bleed you" with upsell after upsell - you get it all for one monthly price. Even the monthly price of $49/month (not much when you consider that you are creating your own online business - think a steak dinner for you and your spouse once a month).

Another thing I have really appreciated about Wealthy Affiliates is that you are not encouraged to think that success comes easy. WA tells its members that it is not a "Get Rick Quick" deal and that hard work and persistence is necessary to find success. Over and over I read stories from WA Members of the work and learning they acquired and utilized to reach success. I'm also inspired by the different ways that WA Members have found to achieve success online using the training and platform available here at WA.

WA members, please share your own opinions and stories below if you will.

For myself, WA has taught me to be able to use WordPress to create websites and blog sites, to create content for my sites (I have over 17 sites, my own niche sites, a WA bootcamp site and some client sites), choose and utilize keywords and social media to promote traffic to my sites, join affiliate networks and create affiliate links within my content. I'm still learning every day and implementing new things everyweek. My life is richer because of my WA membership and my work with my online business keeps this 66 year old brain working while I am in retirement.

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Dhind1 Premium
I would agree with what you say. WA is an incredible value and very straightforward with what can and cannot be accomplished here.

Personally, I did very little after the first 6 months (other than learning), then things picked up again when I found something I really wanted/needed to work on.

It takes time and effort to build a business.

a1jonuk1 Premium
Completely agree, the training here is first class and I believe cannot be beaten anywhere online today.

I have hosted offline service business sites here at Wealthy Affiliate for some time but the current lockdown has enabled me to go deeper here at WA and I am constantly being amazed at the amount of training and support to be found here.

As your title says "Wealthy Affiliate Means Success.

Marqi Premium
Great article just keep going.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great post thank you for sharing.
davehayes Premium
Nice Post thanks for sharing