Six Years!

Last Update: August 05, 2020


Its August 5th yet again for me here at Wealthy Affiliate - for the 6th time. Yes, I've been here at WA for six years. How has it been for me?

I've learned so much, created some very nice blog sites, even created several for some small businesses and some friends. Learned more and more every time I do another lesson or watch another one of Jay's great webinars. I love to learn and it keeps my mind going strong. Have I made lots of money? Well, no, not because the training failed me. I failed myself.

First, I failed by creating way too many blog sites and spread my efforts thin between them.

Second, I didn't even attempt to monetize any of my sites until year 3 of my Membership. After that I began setting some affiliate links.

Third. I had several long periods where I stopped creating new content. Some because of health reasons and some just because I got lazy.

Yes, its my own fault I have not met my financial goals. I had and still have great goals - to make emough extra each month to pay all my online business expenses and donate much more to my missionary kids ministry and my 3 gorgeous grandchildren's college fun.

But I slacked off, even stopped creating content at times, so I can only blame myself. Yet, I have enjoyed all six years of my membership. I know how to use WordPress at an advanced level. I know how to create a good blog post and I even know a lot about choosing and using keywords. I've learned how to create a digital sales site and digital content to sell; use an email responder, and find royalty free images. I can set up sites in Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics.

  1. I've discovered I'm terrified of creating my own videos for YouTube.
  2. I hate my own image and the way my voice sounds.
  3. I find myself somewhat ADD in creating content - going off on too many tangents.
  4. I get lazy and decide to read a book or surf the web instead of build more for my blogsites.

So how long have you been here at WA? Have you achieved success? If not, why? Please share.


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JaneMahlehle Premium
Six years wow! Happy anniversary Shirley!
I’ve been here 2 years and I am now earning affiliate income. Not yet enough to live on but I’m happy to have achieved that.
Lots of challenges but I am willing to stay on until...

Enjoy your day 😀
Joezout Premium
Shirley, sounds like you had a happy six years so congratulations on that, it also sounds like you still have it in you to make that money you are talking about, I have been on here eight months and keep changing my niches, LOL. I have finally come upon a good one that I will develop now, I also have one to support a dropship site I have, overall I am happy as you. I love WA and the members, WA lessons are fantastic, I have learned a lot in a short time here and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

wendyg53 Premium
Happy Anniversary!

I'm also guilty of not doing the work. I get too caught up with my day job and trying to support family through their health issues. I need to carve out time and get more disciplined.

But I retire next year, and I am committed to a side business on WA and devoting a decent amount of time to it so I can reach my financial goals.

It just takes recommitting when we don't reach our goals. Tomorrow is a new day to get busy. 😊
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Shirley,

Congratulations on being here with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 years. I joined WA December 2015.

I have been making some money and satisfied with my results. I know I can do much better but it seems just when I get all gung ho... some personal events seem to push me back further, either from family, friends, etc. You know how that goes.

I’ve been watching some of LittleMama’s (Grace) and RoopeKiuttu YouTube videos and they always have some facial expressions. They make their presentations quite interesting, voice tone etc. I get how you’re feeling on making videos. I feel the same way… just my thought… There are some excellent YouTube Videos… “Five Basic Public Speaking Tips” by Toastmasters International for example.

I still have a long way to go yet and I know I'll get there. I just have to have MORE control over my life... that will happen! I'll make it happen.

I haven't made any of my own videos yet but I'm going to do it.

Stick with it... come up with a plan, a strategy, mini goals work well for me when I do it 😂 but seriously, those mini goals are #1 for me to get more focused on my website.

We can do this together!!

roysinOnline Premium Plus
Congratulations on the sixth year anniversary, Shirley! Thank you for sharing your story during the six years you have been a member.

I have just entered my 5th month as a member. I have since the Internet was available via a net browser like Netscape, been thinking about the possibilities to make some money online. But, had never had the guts to get started.

This year, after recuperating from surgery in one foot, I stumbled over a newspaper article about affiliate marketing, and then stumbled over Nathaniells website about the same topic, I thought why not? And now I am here 5 months in, with 5 domains and 3 websites, social media for all 3 websites with a quickly increasing number of visits. I have not seen any dollars yet, but that is due to lack of enough content,
I have instead fiddled around with the "technical" stuff in website development.

Outside of WA, I am the webmaster for another website, that is generating between 3 to 4000 USD each year. I got the responsibility for that website 1 year ago.

Seeing the response on the social media platforms, based on tips here at WA, I see a huge potential in driving traffic to my sites, but before throttling up the social media traffic more and need to have more content on my sites.

Another great benefit of being a member at WA is networking with all the others. This extends outside of WA, on the different social media and other similar websites like WA. I have updated my LinkedIn profile, which has been "dead" for several years and started to extend the LinkedIn network, with some interesting tendencies. People have started to ask what this new job is.

That is telling me that affiliate marketing is working and networking is a big part of it. People you know, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are reading your profiles and updates, responding to your updates and in the process helping you to spread your activities and business further.

Wishing you another 6 fantastic years , Shirley.

sdawson Premium
Sounds like you have a great start. Work on creating great content regularly and you will soon see those dollars coming in.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you, Shirley :-)