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November 13, 2019
"Content is King"We have all heard that quote, but have we truly taken it to heart. How much content are we actually creating? for myself:Niche site 1: I have 69 posts, 280 comments, 16 pagesNiche site 2: I have 42 posts, 50 comments, 32 pagesWA promotional site: I have 56 posts, 285 comments, 15 pages.Unfortunately, I have diluted my efforts by working on several other blog sites. I need to concentrate on these 3 sites and reach 100 good posts on each site by the end of the year and keep get
I believe in continous learning. So I take lots of online courses at Udemy, watch lots of webinars and youtube videos to learn, as well as read books.Recently I've been watching youtube videos on using GetResponse, ClickFunnels and more.I'm also reading several Secrets (Get it free Here just shipping fee)Expert Secrets (get it free Here just shipping fee)Network Marketing Secrets (get if free Here just shipping fee)These are not my affiliate links.All by Russell BrunsonI'm also
October 29, 2019
Joes blog (blogging is a piece of cake) post got my attention that I'm so very lucky to have English as my first languge. If you have some problems with English, there are many ways to improve your masterty.Reasons to master English: are some great links I've found:
October 12, 2019
AutoFunnels in GetResponseI've been learning about GetResponse's new autofunnel feature. First, what is GetResponse?GetResponse has traditionally been recognized as an Email Marketing platform and auto-responder. But, in recent years, its become much more.The ability to create Landing Pages is a great new feature which brings GetResponse into competition with companies like ClickFunnels and Funnel360GetResponse has now added an AutoFunnel feature, so now GetResponse has even more features than
October 06, 2019
WHAT IS COPYWRITING?Think of copywriting as re-arranging words to make things sell better. It is basically a textual form of salesmanship. But there’s a lot more to it than that.Humor me by clicking HERE and reading the information the link takes you to.HEADLINESHeadlines are actually THE DRIVING FORCE behind people clicking through to your blog. So, I'm not talking about BLOG POST TITLES, but the headlnes in your posts.CLASSESUdemy classes for copywriting. Make sure you sign up for
DO YOU GET DISTRACTED EASILY?I truly think I'm ADD and my attention span is a small window. I find that whenever I start to work on a project, I can get pulled away into researching something else or starting something else very, very easily.Just this morning I was researching a clickbank product I want to promote. Its a program to stretch your hips. I'm interested because I'm in a wheelchair most of the time and my hips hurt and get extremely stiff and unflexible because I'm in the sitting
September 28, 2019
Using a blog spreadsheetSomewhere, mabye here within WA I read that keeping a spreadsheet of your created blog content can be helpful. So I've created an Excel template to share that I use to keep up with my various posted blogs.The spreadsheet includes these column headings:Date PublishedWebsite NameBlog Post TitleWord CountChecklists for me to check off:Images OptimizedGood keywordsInternal LinksExternal LinksCTA above foldImage Alt descriptionsMeta titleMeta DescriptionComments RequestedSub
Stuck on what to write about? Try this!I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about PLR or Private Label Rights content. This is content that you can purchase for a small amount and then modify and use on your sites. The author has agreed to sell his/her rights to use and modify and even put your name on the content. PLR content is an option that is much cheaper than hiring a writer. What I like about PLR is that there is PLR available for pretty much any niche you are working in. It also
Has anyone used ClickFunnels as a sales funnel for Wealthy Affiliates?I've been doing the OFA (One Funnel Away) 30-challenge and I plan on my funnel to promote WA and hope to sign up both Starter and Premium Members.I was wondering if anyone has had luck with a funnel for WA memberships?
September 01, 2019
Those of you good with gutentberg's block editor. How do I make a block wider?Thanks for any help.