Getting my hands dirty again!

Last Update: July 18, 2020

My update.

I must confess that for several months now I have been slack and almost nonexistent here in the WA community. I have also let my sites go dormant and stopped creating and publishing hardly at all. My ranking within WA has dropped hundreds of points (or should I say increased?). I've allowed the stuff going on in the world to distract me along with some health issues and concerns.

I realise that this will not help me achieve my goals, so I've decided to get back in the "fray" , get my hands dirty, and to begin learning and creating again. I know I will still be distracted some days but I'm going to sincerely start working again. I may start slowly but hope to ramp it up.

Fellow WAers, one of the great things about WA is that you can slow down when necessary - when life gets in the way but then come back, start fresh, and get into the training and work hard once again and the excellent training, hosting and community will be here waiting for you. Thank you Kyle, Carson and membes of this great community.


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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Shirley, good to see you, and all the best as you reconnect with your online journey.

Challenging times we are living through.

Take care and stay safe.

Miriammendo1 Premium Plus
Hello Shirley,
It is great to see you are getting back into action, hope you are feeling better. Sometimes we have the need to slow down stop what we are doing to tend to our health or home issues,but as long as we get back to our business and give ourselves the opportunity to move forward. everything we dreamed of is possible. The important thing is never to quit. "I will fail myself to success" "I will fail myself to success and I won't quit I will succeed".
All the best to you Shirley,
Love Miriam
Welcome back and I want you to know if you need my help with anything I am here to help you as much as I can. If there is anything I can not help you with one of the millions of caring and knowledgeable people here will help.
gnoose Premium
Welcome back Shirley. It's all too easy to get caught up in world events these days. There have been days when it's all i can do to at least stay current within the community. Do what you can Shirley, I find that our community is a bright spot I can look forward to everyday.

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Welcome back Shirley.
saruth Premium
Welcome back. Life is like that sometimes, we must not give up keep fighting it is not over until it is over. You have what it takes to succeed and win, it is a matter of resilience and determination. One of the advantages we have here is the WA community, they are very helpful. I wish you all the best.