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Last Update: April 21, 2020

It happened yet again. I had finally decided to go back and start using the Site Comment tool again and I've been submitting a lot of comments the last few days - about 15 I think in all. Everyone has been approved except for one today. In fact, I was starting to enjoy reading and commenting on them. However, I guess i should have just skipped that one today and saved myself the trouble.

I found the post not so good, it was disjointed and not very well put together in English. I did try to come up with a decent comment anyway. But it was not appreciated and was disapproved. I will certainly not comment for that member again.

So what do you do when reviewing a post that is poorly put together and especially when the English language is not used properly? I'm not trying to be ugly but I am curious to see what others do - or do you simply skip those type posts in Site Comments. I know that skipping to many is not good.


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Kyle Premium Plus
That is SiteFeedback, don't make comments on "grammar" or spelling with a post, rather just comment on the nature of your post.

It is not your job to critique someones website or grammar within the SiteComments platform, rather that is better suited for the SiteFeedback platform.

So that is why, your comment should be relevant to the topic of the article and shouldn't have any level of critique on the websites itself.
sdawson Premium
Actually, my disapproved comment did not include anything about the spelling or grammar. I did the best I could with what I had, trying to be nice. Here is my comment that I submitted
"I've been reading your blog post about video games and kids swearing. I find it pretty disgusting that gaming companies find it necessary to include swear words in video games for children. Hopefully as a parent, I would be monitoring my child' access to video games that are super violet and including swearing. Do you know of a place where video games are "rated" for violence and language? I'm an empty-nester now, but when my daughter was young, fortunately video and computer gaming was not so popular. My daughter and her husband are missionaries and they monitor carefully what their 3 children, my grandchildren watch and play. I had purchased kindle fire tablets for the 2 boys a couple of years ago with a subscription to Amazon Freetime which provides content that is age appropriate and can be totally monitored by a parent. I don't agree that a parent cannot monitor their child's access to harmful videos and games, even at friends homes. Parents just need to have a talk with the parents of their child's friends. You might look up the web site of the SERB (Entertainment software Ratings Board) and include that link in your post.

Thanks for the post, it certainly made me think and do some research myself. -Shirley"

I didn't bash the article or the grammar or anything, however I did offer an argument that parents can monitor their children better - that could have been used by the writer to continue a discussion"

It was disapproved because I wrote too much and didn't ask a specific question and it was suggested I should have skipped the question. I hope this person can learn to take a comment like mind and turn it into more of a discussion. -Shirley
hilarybassak Premium Plus
There are some people who are asking for comments but really looking for compliments. Even that is sometimes not enough for them. Best to ignore them and move on - they have a problem. It may be desperation for more sales. Who knows and who cares except themselves.
LatinNomad Premium
I think I know the site. I gave some detailed & good feedback to him & he disapproved too. He is clearly a gaming nerd. I accepted his petulant response & moved on but will ignore his site in future. Unlike 95% of the others on WA. I think as another said, he wants praise for his passion.

Ignore it.

Have a great day.

Best Regards,

SondraM Premium
Hi Shirely,

Rather than skip a post, I just close site comments and do something else for a couple of hours. That gives someone else the chance to comment on the post.

Every time we comment on a post that we are not too thrilled with, our name is shown as someone that left a comment. So, I consider NOT commenting on poorly written posts a way of managing my online reputation.
Alysanna Premium
Hi Shirley, I feel you.

But you don't have to skip any post that does not interest you, I mean, don't hit the "I'm Not Interested" box so as not to affect your skip rate. Just navigate back to your Dashboard or anywhere else, You can always go back to Site Comments after some time if you want to continue giving comments.

I hope this helps.

DavePage Premium
Did that person give you a good reason for disapproving your comment
I disapprove several if I don;t think they are in alignment with the post and my site.
The type of comment I want and expect are those that will make me engage with the person and have a good "to and fro" with them about my subject matter.
EdwinBernard Premium
I know what you mean Shirley. I came across such a post recently. I was able to get the overall message but it was hard to navigate the bad English.

Since you asked, I'll tell you how I approached it. First, I put myself in the other person's shoes. I felt that they were struggling to express themselves in correct English. I could feel they were trying. I always overlook the bad English and proceed to give helpful comments that address what they requested.

There are 4 kinds of requests that can be asked as you know. This person asked for all four. Which was wise.

I respectfully gave my opinion of the topic and the kinds of experience I had with it. I never give advice as that is reserved for the Feedback option.

Sadly we have to bite our tongue and not try to educate the person. They know what has to be done for that. Now, if they had requested Feedback, I would be very specific and try to me helpful. I will let them know the problems they face in building an affiliate marketing business where bad English would turn people off. They need to do something to improve their English.

I may even suggest writing it in their native language and have Google translate it for them. Even if it would come off as a bit odd, the words would be spelled correctly and the grammar would make sense.

My advice is when giving Site Comments, never try to be helpful to the requester. All they want is comments about their topics and perhaps what experience you have had with it. If you really don't like their post, don't respond. Click the x at the top and you will not be penalized for not commenting on it.

I hope this helps as I do not want you to get rejections. Been there, done that, and it doesn't feel good.

If you wish to discuss this further, please send me a PM.