Feeling Better

Last Update: March 20, 2017

I wrote yesterday about how disappointed I was with no traffic and no sales for 6 months.

I am bipolar, and I finally realized that I am in the depression part of my cycle. This usually last about a week and then I cycle up again.

This is how bipolar disorder works. I am on a constant cycle going from extreme lows to extreme high and repeating over and over.

I take medication for the disease and it definitely helps.

I will stay with WA for now and work harder to achieve my goals.


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KeithMaki Premium
Your health is the most important thing!
bbudhoo Premium
Please take care of yourself and worry
marjorieugot Premium
I love your honesty. Have someone look at your set up, that might help also. You stay in there.
chrisphemy Premium
Thanks the key Sarah, determination to never quit. The sun will rise again. Good luck
xanfo Premium
I wish you good health and peace of mind Sarah.
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there Sarah
great to hear you are on the up again
best wishes and well done...
If ever you need to talk to someone...just give a shout here at WA and we will only be too happy to help in any way we can
Cheers and best wishes again
Phil Browne
OTolo Premium
Don't worry and don't give up. All the best
ThomasPye Premium
You will be fine. There's lots of support here!
Milfrogdred7 Premium
I understand it is hard, just take one day at a time and try to stay positive.
I have a twin sister that is bipolar, she takes medication. If she don't take it she goes from one extreme happy to sad too. I love my sister with all my heart, and no matter what she says or does I understand her, and don't take it to heart.
DShensky Premium
don't you take medication for it--the medication qualizes the chemicals in the brain so you don't keep getting extreme highs and lows
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Sarah, thank you for this update. I am so pleased that you have managed to move on for now. Always shout if you need support, I am sure there will be people here to help. Good luck and keep going, it will be worth it, Sue :)
SteveWalker Premium
Good for you. You can do it.
MKearns Premium
Great for you Sarah. If I could give you a push I would!
graveltruck Premium
Stay positive and best of health and best wishes
AGOgden Premium
Just hang in there, Sarah...it'll all work out...