Asteria Theme needs comments ?

Last Update: April 21, 2015

My Asteria Theme needs to have a place for comments on my first page. I'd like to either make 2 columns frorm just the one main one existing now OR place some type of area at the bottom for comments ? Thoughts ? OR Scotty B

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scottyb2good Premium Plus
Firstly I am very cautious when changing themes BUT this may be my calling for Genesis. Is there a free Genesis theme here of which I can search it ? I know how to do this. If not I wiil try to get it some other way. And then I can tackle the comments checkbox. ...........Scotty B.
TheOldSilly Premium
Good luck with that. I DREAD the thought of changing a theme!
Labman Premium Plus
Change the theme.

Page listing>>Quick Edit>> highlight comments checkbox.