Is It Normal To Get People Registering To My Site As A New User

Is It Normal To Get People Registering To My Site As A New User

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This has been happening with my main site and at first I didn't think nothing of it. I just thought they were registering to get all my latest updates whe

It seems to just be a setting in with the "general settings" . See if you have the box "anyone can register" checked. If you do, then that is the problem.

Yes that article was really helpful thank you when I checked to see if I had that box checked I did so I just now unchecked it. So my question is why would anyone want to register to my site just to spam me? It seems kinda stupid to go through all that for something that is gonna get caught by my spam filters anyway.

I'm not sure really. There was one person who said in the thread that its likely people (scammers and spammers) looking for the settings to be such that they can get right into your site and really have "fun" with it.

I have just deleted all 61 users and I have unchecked that box this should put a stop to it. Thanks for all your help

Yes, you shouldn't see anymore of those random users show up. No problem!

how do you delete them?

general settings of WA or of the site?

Do you mean feedburner? What am I missing?

No this is not feedburner it is people registering to my site as a new user in the users area of wordpress. Check out this screen shot so you will understand what I am talking about.

That looks like a hacker. Is your website hosted here at WA?

Yes it is hosted here at WA

I see who links to my site in comments in the dashboard. If they are another business trying to get a link to one of my main sites then I delete it. Especially when they put in a link. I don't want my customers to be directed off of my site.

If they are a customer and have made a comment and leave an email address then I leave it and reply to it. This is what I do and maybe someone else may disagree.

This is not happening in the comments area it is happening in the user registration area. I get emails everyday saying A new user has registered to your site.Then it lists their name and email address.

At first I thought they were registering to my site to get my posts and be informed of whenever I did changes to my site. I don't think this is the case and I am wondering why they are doing it. Thanks for the comment Mary

how do you delete them?

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I just did a major update to my Wealthy Affiliate Review page and would love some feedback

I just did a major update to my Wealthy Affiliate Review page and would love some feedback

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WA Affiliate Program

After talking with Carson and a few others in Live chat yesterday I made some changes to my review page. I would love to get some feedback from the Community to let me know how it

I like your WA review, lots of information on what you get. However I did notice you had the same mistake in 2 different places in the review. You have free members get 1 free website when they actually get 2 free sites.

I like the style, very neutral (visually, I didn't read the content).
One thing that could be improved is the consistency in spacing before and after your h3 titles, in the last article they are consistent, but in others they aren't and article compared to article is also not consistent (probably due to the wpautop filter as I had to lean recently)

Nice work Scott, it is looking great! One thing that you may want to consider going forward is a more elaborate overview of what you get so people can determine what they get within WA at a glance. This is something that I will be doing as my site evolves.

Currently you have this:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners:Kyle and Carson
Price:$0 starter membership
Rating 5 out of 5 stars

You could add a few additional rows:

Training Levels: Newbie to Advanced
Websites Included: 2 Free, Unlimited w/ Premium
Support: Live Chat, Forum, Private Messaging

If you offer a few more rows to give people a quick break down, they are going to be able to know right away whether or not the product is for them. This will also be an easy way for your to really "showcase" WA because nothing out there can come close to matching up to the services here when you break it down in this sort of way.

One thing to make sure of is that ALL of your reviews are consistent in terms of the ranking points.

That's a great Idea and I will have to implement those extra lines into my review. This would only be for the WA review though right? I guess it could work for Jaaxy as well, another question when is the number of websites changing for starter members?

I have already made the change on my review but would like to know how soon cause I want to give them up to date information on everything they will get when they join WA as a starter member. Thanks for the comment here and on my site and for taking the time to look it over.

This would be for all of your reviews. If you could show how much more WA has within your consistent reviews, that would be powerful. The more details you can give someone in a brief sort of way, will help them make a quicker decision.

So don't make this just for WA, do it for others as well.

Websites Included: Yes, 2 Free, Unlimited with Premium

Hope this helps Scott!

Nice review! One note, you get 2 free websites not one. Sweeter deal! Also I see you cloaked one URL. You might want to try cloaking the other links also. All in all, nice work!

Kyle mentioned a little while ago that they are going to be changing the number of websites to just 1 for starter members. I'm not sure when this is going to happen but I though I would go ahead and change it now. Thanks for taking a look at it and leaving a comment.

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Which is better short links or the long affiliate links

Which is better short links or the long affiliate links

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WA Affiliate Program

I am about to update all the links on my site,and I was wondering which is better. Does it look better to put the full affiliate link on your website, or should you use the short l

has this topic been answered?? are people aware on how to put their links into the text box when editing pages instead of the visual box in their wordpress site??

i think the answer is "use prettylink"

I agree pretty link is awesome

I don't like long affiliate links and I don't like short meaningless links as well.
I create own links as described in the training "how-to-make-your-affiliate-links-more-attractive-using-htaccess" In short you add Redirect command to your .htaccess file and you redirect your long (or short but ugly) link to link you make up within your domain.
I think it is quite good solution. What do you think?

I have never heard of that way, it looks a little confusing as he doesn't go into a lot of detail about it. I will probably just use the regular links that we are given, thanks for the suggestion tho

Some of my links are about 3 lines long and look really terrible so I always shorten them. I would try a test run put the same link in to different pages one short the other long and see which gets the most clicks. Or do it on the same page over the same time span say 2 weeks of each.

That is a good suggestion, I guess I could try that out and see if it works. Thanks for the advice

Before I knew what affiliate links really were, I always looked a bit suspicious of shortened links. If they were on Facebook or somewhere like that, you could understand it because people didn't want this long-ass link appearing on their status, but on a website where it is a TEXT LINK that has been shortened, I always thought "If they have just made a two word link like "click here" why have they changed it via Is it a bad destination that they don't want me to know about until I arrive?

On the other hand, if I mouse over a long link like http:// of training/a_bunchofnumbers I wouldn't really pay attention to the code on the end and would just click it.

That's the same way I feel when I see a short link, and a long link. I just wanted to see if other people felt the same way. I think I will go with the long version it looks less spammy. Thanks

Scott, My philosophy..If playing with Twitter's Toy's(Try saying that fast 5 times) or Pinterest pins do as they like. When posting affiliate links I use short links or try cloaking my links There are several good programs on the market...Wait for a few more response before taking my suggestion though. Maybe there is a better way.

How do you feel when you see something like goo.gl8KLY? does it make you feel like they are trying to hide something? I have always thought it was good to cloak your links but I think I might change things up a bit. Thanks for your input though William

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Looking for some honest feedback of my site so far

Looking for some honest feedback of my site so far

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WA Affiliate Program

I would love to get some feedback on my site so far, If you guys could take a look at it and tell me what you think If I should change anything, add a few things or leave it the wa

Hey Scott,
Looks great bro! I would just shorten it up a bit and always make sure to be very precise when it comes to grammar and punctuation. I think people tend to respect peoples sites and opinions a lot more when they see that you really know how to properly write blogs, articles, site content, etc... at a very well educated level. I tend to always make spelling, grammar and punctuational errors when writing large amounts of content so I'm very keen on double, even triple checking my work. But great job man! You're definitely on a good track, no doubt about it!!

Hey there Scotti,
I like it Clean Cut Like the Theme Which one is it.. I would like to use it.. Honestly it is very good Content wise and very informative. But It is Way to Long!!!! You lay it all out. Which is Awesome answer tons of Questions.. But Like you asked in another reply is it to long. I have to say yes. I would break it up, into Topics know what I mean like the BootCamp Course itself.. you get to a stage and you get the breather click this here to continue. That way it keeps the reader engaged.. I have to say thanks for the tip though on Capturing Images. Cheers for now hope my tips help you out.. Have to say though I like it Clean Laid out well..

Scott hi,
Really liked the site - well organised and full of information - well done. I would say you are definitely doing everything right.
Just a quick question, if you don't mind? What did you use to capture the images from Wealthy Affiliate please - they look very good.

I simply did ALT+Prt Scn then I opened paint and pasted the image into there. That is a little trick I learned from Jay. Thanks for checking it out I'm glad you like it

A lot of very good information, but it's a LOT. The info is so good though, and with me just starting, I printed it all out, 23 pages of it, but there's so much to read, I can't do it in one sitting, and I know when I was looking for something to make money online, if it was too detailed, I'd end up saving it for later, which sometimes I'd forget about it, and never get back to it. It does answer about every question they could possible have though, so if they can get through it all, I doubt they'd have any questions as to what WA is all about, and would want to jump on it. Anyway, I think if I was genuinely looking for an online business, this would definitely tell me all I needed to know. Also, not to be petty, but your very first heading, "A Work At Home Businesses", starts out like a single business, but then businesses makes it more than one, it just sounds funny, and would sound better if you dropped the "es" at the end, since the next sentence talks about a single business. Anyway, I don't want to sound negative in any way, since this is very well written and easy to understand, which is more than I can say for most things I've read out there when I was looking, and while it's a lot of information, none of it is repeated, or fillers, just good info that people want to know. I only hope I can write something half as good once I get doing this.

In your opinion do you think it is too long and maybe people with a short attention span wouldn't be able to keep focused? I know if I am reading something that is long I will sometimes skip over half of it. Did you go over the whole site, because I know where is a bunch of information there.

The reason it says businesses is because when I bought the domain that was the only 1 with low competition the singular one had a high QSR. If I target the singular version in my tags and keywords maybe I will still be able to get good rankings.

Thanks for looking over it though and giving me some feedback, I really appreciate it

I think it's long, but it has a lot of information that people would want. I don't think it's a matter of having a short attention span, and staying focused, I think people just don't have time these days, but then I think because of that, most people skim these articles, like you do. I read everything, for fear of missing something I'd want to know, for that reason, I haven't read the entire article, that's why I printed it out, because it's something I want to read, hopefully I'll get to it later. I think it's VERY informative, and that outweighs length sometimes, so really, I wouldn't change a thing, I wish I had all this info when I first ran into WA, it would have made joining an easy decision.

Are you talking about my home page or the wealthy affiliate review? I know that both of them are really long, but you can't cram everything that WA offers in a few hundred words. If you want to tell them everything that they are going to get it's going to take a few thousand words.

Hi Scott!

I took a look at your site and think you're doing awesome stuff there. You breakdowns of how to setup WordPress, etc. are nice and easy to follow. Gooooo Scott!

Thank you so much for checking out my site and giving me your feedback It is really appreciated.


I reviewed your site. In the second to last paragraph, you have a typo. After the link change the i to an I.

I also checked all your links to see if they work and they all do. Excellent!

Great information. You provide the user with reasons why you joined WA and are telling them to try it out for free. Excellent.

Otherwise, great job!

George Haas

Thanks so much George, If that is the only thing you found wrong then I must be doing something right. Thanks a lot for taking the time to review my website, and offer your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

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What is a pingback/trackback and can they hurt your site

What is a pingback/trackback and can they hurt your site

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Everything Wordpress

I got a notification that I got a pingback today as a comment on one of my blog posts. I'm not even sure what this is or If it is good or bad, can anyone tell me if I should keep i

I would not be too quick to jump on disavowing your links, but if they are done in a way that appears they are just trying to get a link back from you (lots of people post their pingbacks within their comments by default), then I would remove it from Google.

There is a post here at WA on how to use the Disavow tool at Google for pingbacks, but in the end I wouldn't waste too much time on this as it is a one way link and Google isn't going to punish you for this unless they feel you are gaming the system.

Read this post by Ty on the disavow tool.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. It just means somebody linked to your site. You may however, want to check who is linking and make sure it's a quality site (high page rank, etc.). If they are not high quality it can actually hurt your ranking. If this is the case, you should ask them to remove the link. Google also gives webmasters the ability to ignore links via its disavow tool.

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