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March 27, 2020
Many doctors suggest that drinking wine is highly beneficial for our overall health. But not all wines are good. You need to pick the ones that are rich with antioxidants. The Cabernet red wine is definitely a wine that is rich with flavonoids and resveratrol. Now you have one more reason to consume a Cabernet wine. It can prevent a number of diseases. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes contain the highest concentration of anti-cancer, anti-aging and heart-friendly antioxidants, including resveratro
I'm not sure if I can do this, but here goes. Kyle gave us a great up to date on the status of the world and WA. We are up to speed. The challenge here is for every one at WA to self isolate any mention of COVID - 19 and coronavirus from all posts for 7 days. We can not make any reference at all to our current environment. Otherwise you can post to your hearts content.Lets see if we can create a happy world. If we are all positive and happy and we talk to people and they talk to others and so o
March 24, 2020
Up until about 7 or 8 years ago I had never heard of a paradigm. I grew up with, as I now know paradigm overload. I grew up in an extremely strict catholic home and an even stricter private catholic school. I was programmed to within an inch of my life and creativity was a death sentence. I knew what bad habits were. They were, not covering your mouth when you coughed, not answering when spoken to, not saying please and thank you and many more. Now I have learnt that paradigms are habits - oth
March 18, 2020
I have a goal to have a mind totally independent of the environment. To be my own creative individual. I am keen to reach the stage where my own observation matters and I can hold onto those thoughts. I really don't care how long it takes, I understand the success of this is, not to compromise for anybody, and to allow nothing to let me let go of my own belief. Dr. Joe Dispenza asks the question: "How many people create their day every morning." If You didn't, the reason you didn't is that you
March 09, 2020
Hi everybody. So much to do. I just love it. For the past week I have retraced my steps so that I can understand what I am doing and where I am going. Being slightly backward in IT and this being my first entree into Internet Marketing I had to stop and complete substantial revision.As a result my rank went backwards approximately 400 spots to1709. I have been in the gig for about 7 weeks. I am most probably more interested in getting my business right. I feel that rank is a good guide to MY im
March 05, 2020
In a previous post I mentioned that I was part of a Master Mind Group that met once a week by Messenger hook up. The solitary purpose is to help each other achieve the goals. We are 4, from different walks of life and are in Sydney, Brisbane, Japan and Port Moresby. One of the tasks we do is to review books that help provide a better understanding of achieving success. We are currently reviewing Thomas Troward's (1847 - 1916) book, The Edinburgh Lectures On Mental Science. Fabulous information
February 28, 2020
Every morning, starting early, I have quiet time, where I read, I meditate, I do affirmations, check my to do list and anything else that will make my day a good day. It is the best time of the day for me. It is my special time and I just love it. At the moment I am reading from The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard, Chapter 3 (The Power of Assumption) and Chapter 14 (The Effortless Way). It doesn't take long. About 20 minutes. I have been reading these chapters every morning for a little w
February 27, 2020
Sixty years ago industries such as Personal Development, Personal Growth and Self Help were almost non existent. Now we are told that none of us know who we really are because we have been moulded by our parents, aunts and uncles and school teachers into what they want. We are told that we are what we think. So we don't know how to think. Growth/mental stimulation is critical, otherwise we will die. We have to set goals. Success is important. Plan, plus many more of life's aspects that we don't
February 25, 2020
Hi Everybody. Just thought I would say Hi again. I am still finding my way around so I haven't done many posts. This will be my third. I am celebrating my first month. I started on the 28th January. I have always worked on 3 parameters:It's not where you start, it's where you finish.Only compare where I have come from. Have a goal.Since starting, I am now atRank: 18,243Posts: 3Blogs: 9Network; 127Website ranked with Google I'm up to Lesson 6, Level 3. I am not worried about whether this is g
All Good.I have just finished lesson 10 Level 2. How good is that. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for approximately 2 weeks. I have enjoyed emensely getting to know the community and how it works. I find the lessons easy to follow and after some failed introductions, to other teachers, a breath of fresh air. I have been self employed most of my life and over the latter years become seriously involved in personal development/growth for all who worked with. I really felt humbled if at