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May 16, 2020
The continuation of Wallace D Wattles "Science of Getting Rich."The Laws of the Universe. To summarize so far:These laws are always working. They never rest. You can act in accordance with these laws or you can disregard them, but you cannot in any way alter them. The law forever operates and holds you to strict accountability and there is not the slightest allowance made for ignorance. These laws are not man made so they will not change. If you master these laws you will master life.These conc
May 15, 2020
Unlike any other form of animal life, that has been created, we were given the power of choice or free will. Therein lies all our problems. Along with this power came certain responsibilities. The capacity to choose does not involve freedom from the consequences of our choice. The laws or rules which govern every individual are as exact as the laws which govern the material universe. If getting rich is a result of doing things in a certain way any man or woman, who can do things in that way can
May 14, 2020
Some are most probably aware of these Laws. As I continue through Wallace D Wattles book and the Webinar of the same "The Science of Getting Rich" I am happy to share. Enjoy.An Exact Science.Albert Einstein, Wallace D Wattles and their contemporaries plus many modern protagonists speak of the Laws of Life or the Laws of the Universe. The laws or rules which govern every individual are as exact as the laws which govern the material universe. You can act in accordance with these laws or you can d
WHAT KEEPS PEOPLE STUCK?Volumne 2 from The Science of Getting Rich.What keeps people stuck? What is stopping you from earning what you really want? Most people know how to do better. Why don’t they?Our first step is to determine what do we really want? Have you found an expression for your talent? BEGIN TO DREAMThe Universe/Spirit is for our ongoing expansion. Began to dream of what your life would be like if you would just follow your own path doing your own thing and doing it to the bes
May 10, 2020
This will be a very short blog. I am not sure if this is the right place to place a comment about comments. Over the past 24 hours I have worked from the "earn credits" from the front page of the WA site. I have supplied 7 comments. 3 when I pressed the comments said error and the remaining 4 went. However when I look at my page I am told "You have not offered any comments yet. Offer some comments to others so you can earn credits, then request your own!"Firstly am I in the right place to as
HOW DO YOU LEARN TO THINK.If you asked people to write out what they were thinking, most would have nothing to write. Thinking is not repeating what you saw on the TV or what somebody told you at the pub. That’s memory. Thinking is original thought.How do you learn to think? Multitaskers aren’t good. Research indicates they are poor at distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information, ignoring the latter. They are distractible. They were worse at what you might call mental
Good morning/afternoon all. I am currently working through The Science of Getting Rich Virtual Seminar with Bob Proctor and team. It is a 3-day live exercise but I also have the opportunity of a 30-day replay which I will be taking up. The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by Wallace D Wattles in 1910. It is still considered to be a basis of how we can achieve success or as the title says - Riches.I have previously read the book several times. Every time I read it I get more out of it.
May 01, 2020
Level 4 Lesson 7. Time to give all the facts, an honest opinion and my future.THE NITTY GRITTY. Joined 29 January 2020. 3 months and 4 days.Ranked 186.Posts 23Blogs 17. 7 Indexed in Google.Network 331THE REALITY.Having spent my working career in real estate, predominantly self-employed, the online e-commerce arena is a culture shock but at the same time a wonderful challenge. Approx 5 years ago I decided that enough was enough of real estate. I had done a substantial commercial development tha
My ongoing study found a file of Dr. Joe Dispenza being asked if he were to provide a program over 7 days and suggest up to a maximum of 3 things that were done daily, that would make a big difference in our lives, what would it be.3 daily things over the next 7 days that will make a difference in your life.Everybody has lost their free will. They do the same thing very morning. Coffee, text, email, social media, go to work. The challenge is to think differently. Eliminate things. 1.) Every mor
April 28, 2020
Morning all. It is with pride and humility that I let you know that I have hit the top 200. I weigh in at 180. I have no idea how the rank works which makes it all the more meaningful. I think its 3 months to the day since I started. I have enjoyed the journey immensley and still have a lot more to learn and enjoy.I would sincerely like to thank all those that have liked and commented on anything I have written and the opportunity for me to like and comment on anything written by others. I am i