What is Better Than Sliced Bread?

Last Update: November 05, 2018

Indoor plumbing? Electricity? The printing press?

All are great answers however, I have made a discovery that deserves a place on this impressive list of modern conveniences.

To be clear, this is more than a convenience - it has restored (somewhat) my sanity and ability to get good night's sleep - something bread, water, light or a book have never been able to do!

The closer it gets to the end of the year the more responsibilities I have and this what causes me to lose sleep. (As much as I hate it, I'd rather lose money than sleep!) I've awakened many times in the past 3-4 weeks in a near panic when I suddenly remember something else that has to be done. When this happens there is no going back to sleep!.

I have also discovered I have as much fear of forgetting the task altogether as not having the time to do it! This, and other tasks that aren't a part of my daily routine. For example, the additional 20 hours of continuing education I need to complete to maintain my license so I'm able to legally hit the 9-5 grind 3-4 days a week for next 2 years.

What I am labeling as THE 9th or 10th wonder of the world is called WorkFlowy.

Words taken directly from the WorkFlowy site: "WorkFlowy helps you break big ideas into manageable pieces, then focus on one piece at a time."

Such a novel idea - one that makes me scratch my head and ask, "why didn't I think of that?"

It is so simple - in fact I thought at first it would be too simple but I've been using it for several days now, and I have discovered it is EXACTLY what I need to get organized, stay focused and not become so overwhelmed that I can't get anything accomplished.

Distilled down to it's bare bones, WorkFlowy is basically ONE "sheet of paper" where each task is placed in a listed order. Each task is automatically bullet ed so you can add sub-tasks below each main task or topic. Clicking on a bullet will drop down the sub-tasks or you can tag certain tasks with a #hashtag to search more quickly for that particular task or item located throughout every other list.

The example below (from the WorkFlowy site) shows the appearance of your list when you click on the "home" icon.

This next example below (not mine but a WorkFlowy list found through a Google search!) gives a better picture of how one of the main topics "This Week" is sub-divided into smaller tasks.

As you can see, the list can be ANYTHING you want or need it to be!

As tasks are completed you can either delete or mark them complete. When marking an item complete the task remains on the page and the wording is lightened with a single line marked through. This is helpful if you want to visually track your accomplishments.

Another benefit of using WorkFlowy is there are no distractions - no bells, no whistles and no embellishments. Thank goodness! I've created several schedules and task lists in Excel but I find myself spending too much time making them "pretty". Merging cells and columns, adding colors or images, changing fonts and font sizes - ad infinitum. The result is a visually interesting document but with no substance - no information!

The more I use WorkFlowy the more I can't live without it. I can organize my thoughts for a blog post. Sequence steps to complete a quilt or sewing project. Create an outline for a book. The possibilities are endless.

Is there anyone else out there having the same issues with time management and organization? Or do you just want a clean, simple program to help you organize your thoughts and simplify your life?

If so, you too may find WorkFlowy to be "the best thing since sliced bread"!

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NWTDennis Premium
This all sounds very Left Brain, and I wouldn't expect a Therapist to be so. But ... what do I know.

So my preferred answer to your question is ... Sliced cheese to go with the sliced sourdough and a glass of Petite Sirah.
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for sharing great ideas
SAWalden Premium
Thank you for reading and for your comment!
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Susan

I had never heard of work flowy before. I looked it up, an interesting concept.

I still like my task list method, so I will stick with that.....because it works for me!

Have a nice week!

SAWalden Premium
That is main thing - finding what works and sticking with it!

You have a nice week as well!
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Sue

Have been looking into WorkFlowy more in depth. I was surprised how many large businesses are using this method.

SAWalden Premium
And you can create up to 100 lists for free. If you feel you need more than that or want a few extra options there is a paid version.

However, I'm still hanging on to the task list you introduced me to as I'm concerned the simplicity of WorkFlowy will to be too simplistic for my needs in the future...we'll see!
Kickbacked Premium
The WorkFlowy concept almost reminds me of a combination between Jaaxy and Instagram.
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Susan... I do the same thing but the old fashioned way with pen and paper!
SAWalden Premium
That works too!