What is a Mentor?

Last Update: September 30, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading severalposts discussing the “absent mentor” and it has prompted me to ask, "What is a mentor and is a mentor necessary to be successful at WA?"

No doubt, havingsomeone to hold your hand and lead you along step-by-step might not the worst thing tohappen to you however, there are many of us here at WA that are thriving and doing very well without the daily/weekly/hourly support of a mentor. I’ve been here since mid-July and, 1) was not aware that such an' animal' existed and 2) wasn’t aware of who mymentor was until about two weeks ago. The day I went Premium I received an offer (unknowingly from my mentor) offering assistance whenever I needed it and that was the end of our communication.

Looking back I don’t feel my success has been in any way hinderedby not having regular (or any) contact with my mentor.

What I have or have not accomplished is the direct result of what I do or what I do not do!

We Are All Mentors

The thing is, there already exists many “unofficial/undesignated” mentors on this platform who are present and available pretty much 24/7. The WA membership hails from all corners of the world and in almost all 24 time zones.

A wealth of information is already at your fingertips. It’s in the training and as other members have mentioned, most any question can be answered in the question box at the top of the screen.

For those of you who feel you need a mentor, or whose mentor is MIA you do not need to feel as if you are expected to go it alone.

I should however, take this time to clarify that I’m not advocating against mentoring. As an occupational therapist I’ve mentored many fellow therapists and students during my 36 years in the field and felt that mentoring to be an absolute necessity to ensure their success as therapists – not to mention to preserve the health and safety of the patients they would serve!

The Message:

Here is what I am saying: there are a few steps you can take on your own to receive the information you feel you should be receiving from a mentor.

1. Decide exactly what area / item is keeping you from moving forward – it is deciding on a keyword, or how to change your website theme, time management, motivation, etc.

2. Type your question in the search box. A drop-down menu will be visible and contain many options from blogs, to Q & A to Classrooms and other training and tutorials - your answer may well be found there.

3. If none of those options gives you the answer you are looking for then submit that question to a classroom. When all else fails it may time to visit or re-visit the training.

And on the subject of training, I went through a training series yesterday created by a WA member Vickic3 entitled, “The Road to Wealth Begins with Your Mind”.

Excellent training for anyone who needs to “reset” or reboot their current mindset or who feel overwhelmed - that they do not possess the skills needed to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing with or without a mentor.

This powerful training will help transform your attitude and allow you to first recognize your own self-worth and use that confidence to establish obtainable goals. From there, you will define what motivates you and use this as impetus to persevere and reach you goal(s).

The bottom line:

You can be your own best mentor. You know what it is you want, and you know what you need to succeed. All you need is a road map that leads to your own self awareness.

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Foxhenley Premium
Thank you, enlightening post!

God Bless and Good Luck!
Janice 🤗🌾
bushrash Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing with us.

Best Wishes,
MKearns Premium
A c oach!
SAWalden Premium
Well said!
LauraFuller Premium
I agree with you on some aspects of your post. Nicely written. At WA to be self sufficient is very important. We have to learn this info for ourselves.

What I differ on is

I believe a mentor is a person who encourages, answers questions and checks in with the person who they mentor from time to time.

I don’t think a mentor is someone who holds our hands and walks us through everything step by step.

I have needed a trained eye to look at my site one time. I would like to interact on the feedback and then fix it myself. It is impossible for this to happen unless I have a mentor.

A mentor is someone who chooses this role.

Thank you for your post. It is good to have many perspectives on this subject

SAWalden Premium
I do agree - a mentor isn't someone who holds our hands...but offers advice, encouragement, etc.

How did you learn about your mentor?

I am also not aware that the mentor actually choses their role.

It is my assumption - and I could be totally wrong as I'm only aware of a mentoring program here for about 2 weeks - that it is role they assume by default when a starter member becomes a premium member through their link. I also believe they also receive a recurring commission from that referral - but I could be wrong here too.

I am thankful you were (and hopefully still are) receiving all the assistance you need from your mentor. :-)

That's what makes this WA world go 'round!
LauraFuller Premium
Oh I didn’t say I found a mentor. I didn’t make myself clear. I am sorry for that.

As far as I know you are right in your assumption about WA mentors.

In my working life I chose to be a mentor and loved every minute of it. It was on my own time and not included in my pay.

WA is set up differently. Everyone is an entrepreneur and, I think, only make money when they put in the work.

People are different. Some who sign you up will go the extra mile and some won’t. I don’t think we will ever change that.

I am making it here like everyone else is. I follow the training, search training, ask questions and surf the web. And along the way I may find other resources.

I wish you all the best in your journey and if I can ever be of any help to you please let me know.

LeeMcQuay Premium
The are many members who would and do benefit from their mentor.
Are they important YES, are they a must have no.
However, if you are writing these words "I will be there to help you" in a post and you get referrals through that post, then you should keep your word. That is what sparked the topic that everyone is getting in on.

Lee Ann
SAWalden Premium
I agree. Mentoring is an awesome situation and beneficial to both sides.

It was somewhat frustrating when I learned (by accident while reading though a few question and answer threads) that 1)mentoring was available here at WA, and 2) not knowing who that person was. I could have definitely benefitted from this early on.

Is it a situation where they introduce themselves as your mentor or is there a more efficient way of learning this?

I eventually learned who mine is after reading in a thread a couple of weeks ago where to locate this person on your own profile.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Normally a GOOD mentor will at least have a message that automatically sends to a new referral's profile within the first 3 hours of them joining, if they have it set up.

This is really the only way they will know, unless they remember whose website they signed up through and contact them..

I agree that it would be frustrating.