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Hello Everyone here at WA Many times people share here at WA their thoughts and sometimes there successes. Here is another one of mine.Since joining WA, I have learned a lot about building sites, SEO, and all the other things that go with it. I know some of you really are active here helping me and others like me learn. I wish to say thank you for that. As I started the year, I set some goals. One of those was that in June of this year I would build an Amazon Affiliate site for which
February 20, 2016
This is just a short blog to share with you some information with which you may find help in choosing a color scheme for your blog. I wish to start by recommending some of the other blogs / training found here. They are great for information on your color selection, so check these out.I have to start with the blog by Garen with the infographic. His blog is titled Colors - What They Mean On Your WebsiteRuth takes a moment to discuss The Psychology of Logo Colors and Shapes with here blog and
February 06, 2016
It has been a while since I have contributed to the community. I have many excuses - but that is all they are. As one man said whom I will quote - (I don't know who - just not me) "An excuse is a lie wrapped in the skin of truth."I have seen this question in one form or another for the last year, so here is my attempt to answer it. No new revelations, just reminders of all the great training that can be found here. I'll start with the following - then add some additional comments.Tips for
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I thought I would write this as training, but decided a blog is quicker. It is intended to help you understand the uses of and distinctions between quotations, paraphrases, and summaries. I want to compare and contrast theses three terms, as well as give some pointers. This information is similar to that found at many different colleges from across the US, and hopefully will help you to know how and when to use any of the three.( I have tried to not quote, paraphrase or summarize in this blog.
Several years ago I had to take a "personality" test to determine my sales personality for a coach I hired. The results where interesting - and accurate. About four months later the company i was working for had me take the same test only from a different company. I figured I could fool the test.Surprise - the test fooled me. The results were almost identical. And no, they did not have identifying info to say it was me. I checked.The results from both test revealed two surprising traits concerni
Some questions have risen concerning an Affiliate disclosure and the requirements there of. After doing some research concerning this, there are several things you should know. (Links and thanks included.)1. It is required. (thanks to the following: Neil Little - andleoemery Loes, as always, has provided some great training. (
I want to start by saying Happy Mothers Day to all you moms and moms to be. If you read my profile, you know I am a pastor. I stay away from posting any religious blogs here iaw. the policy of WA. However, I feel that part of this mornings sermon I am preaching is applicable to every thing we do in life - and its the hand of mothers that have shaped the greatest men in history. Here is the brief sermon - no scripture, etc. (All scriptural references removed.) (You can PM for a complet
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March 26, 2015
A lot of people ask "Does this work?" or "Can you make money?" - you may even ask can I do a site to do this. My answer is Yes. So I am going to share my success story. Before I start, I need to set a quick basis - if you read my profile you know I am a Pastor of a small church (less than 50). I have been in the ministry itself in some manner or another for over 25 years, but have only been pastoring for 6 years, with 6 years in missions work before that. Through the ministry I have many f
February 04, 2015
Over the years I have been involved with many different endeavours. When I have been successful, it has normally been because I took the time to learn what to do and I did it. As a "Newbie", I have also tried many of the other programs, but with little success - mostly due to no "coaching". I really have been impressed and appreciate the platform here with WA. Over the years I have found it useful to write down ideas, thoughts, comments given to me by trainers and coaches, as well as co work